EXC: As Trump Banned China Travel, Fauci Funded Wuhan Lab Studies Calling for ‘Collaboration.’

Washington, D.C. – As Donald Trump blocked China travel to the U.S., Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was funding studies authored by Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers pushing for closer collaboration between the U.S. government and Chinese Communist Party, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.  Published on February 3rd 2020, the paper entitled Synergistic China–US Ecological Research is Essential for Global Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness was authored by researchers from the notorious EcoHealth Alliance and several Chinese Communist Party-run scientific institutions, including the Wuhan lab. EcoHealth Alliance – run by self-declared “killer” virus creator Peter

Atomic Scientist Mag: Left Media Failed to Ask Questions Over Wuhan Lab… Trump Derangement Syndrome Let China Off The Hook.

A new report in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, most commonly known for operating the “Doomsday Clock,” suggests the left-dominated media and “Trump derangement syndrome” has led to critical questions about the origins of COVID-19 being avoided, ignored, and ultimately led more to suffer. Writing this week, former science correspondent for the New York Times Nicholas Wade concluded: To these serried walls of silence must be added that of the mainstream media. To my knowledge, no major newspaper or television network has yet provided readers with an in-depth news story of the lab escape scenario, such as the one you

ABC, PBS Refuse On-Air Retraction Of Fake ‘Find The Fraud’ Trump Call.

Despite ABC and PBS amplifying the fake Washington Post story about President Trump pressuring election investigators to “find the fraud” on air, the networks have refused to cover the story’s retraction. “With the rest of the media scrambling to make the corrections in their online copies of the story, ABC News and PBS, who talked about the now-debunked order on-air, refused to give corresponding corrections to their viewers Monday,” Newsbusters notes. On ABC’s Good Morning America program, correspondent Elwyn Lopez repeated the claims of the corrected Washington Post story on January 10th: And the President’s false claims of voter fraud continue to

NARRATIVE COLLAPSE: WaPo Admits Inventing Trump ‘Find the Fraud’ Quotes, Quietly Issues ‘Correction’.

The Washington Post issued a correction revealing it “misquoted” Donald Trump’s comment on a call with a Georgia election official. The outlet quietly admitted that the former president never asked the state’s top election investigator to “find the fraud,” but rather encouraged the official to “scrutinize” ballots. The Post’s full, seven-sentence correction attributes the misquote to faulty “information provided by a source”: Correction: Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator. The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments

BREAK — WAPO: Biden Regime Confirming Trump Wuhan Lab Claims.

The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin revealed that the Biden White House has confirmed several of the Trump administration’s claims about Wuhan and the source of COVID-19. “In its final days, President Donald Trump’s State Department made a series of highly controversial claims about the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China, and its possible connection to the covid-19 outbreak. Now, the Biden administration has reviewed those claims, and is confirming some of the facts within them,” the piece begins. The debate focuses on a January 15th memo and fact sheet from the State Department entitled “Activity at the WIV.” Together,

CORTES: Hispanic Men Are Rallying to America First.

The New York Times seems determined to demonstrate to America just how disconnected their newsroom is from the lives of regular citizens, especially those of the working classes. To this point, the “newspaper of record” just published a culturally and politically-aloof column titled A Vexing Question for Democrats: What Drives Latino Men to Republicans?  Predictably, pseudo-reporter Jennifer Medina provided several illogical bromides to explain the affinity of Hispanic men for the America First agenda. Here’s the reality: unlike the neutered males of the credentialed ruling class, Hispanic men still largely embrace traditional roles as providers and guardians. Therefore, Hispanic men increasingly rally to

Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard for Jan 6th… Pelosi Refused.

President Donald Trump has confirmed reports he requested 10,000 National Guard troops ahead of the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C., only to be rebuffed by authorities. Speaking Steve Hilton on “The Revolution,” the former president outlined how he knew in advance of the crowd size: “Everyone said we’ll be at the rally. It was, I think, the largest crowd that I have ever spoken to before. I have spoken to big crowds, hundreds of thousands of people, more than that, but hundreds of thousands of people.” In response, Trump said he “gave the number” to the Department of Defense,

Only 4% of Trump Supporters Hold Favorable Views of Media Bogeyman ‘QAnon’, Plurality ‘Never Heard Of’.

A new poll of Trump supporters from Suffolk University found that only four percent held “favorable” views of QAnon and nearly half had “never heard of the group.” The February 2021 poll follows months of Democrat and media insistence portraying the movement as a bogeyman responsible for radicalization within the Republican party. Question five of the 39-question report asked participants if they had “favorable” or “unfavorable” views towards QAnon or if they had “never heard” of the group. In a blow to mainstream media narratives, a plurality of 43.33 percent had “never heard” of the group and only four percent