Govt COVID “Expert” Is Actually a “Racial Equality” Activist, Not a Medical Doctor.

A doctor from the UK’s Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) actually specializes in “racial equality” and has no relevant medical qualifications. She is now criticizing the British government’s steps to remove the nation’s lockdown measures. Dr. Zubaida Haque – a founding member of the Independent SAGE – has worked on “government-commissioned reports on welfare issues” and focuses on “racial equality,” according to the Telegraph. Speaking during an interview for the Good Morning Britain television show, Dr. Haque indicated that she thinks the UK government is moving too fast out of COVID-19 lockdown. “We didn’t pass test four — test

UK Govt to Implement ‘Mandatory’ Retraining for Public Servants to Love Mass Migration

Britain’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has announced that public servants in the United Kingdom will be retrained to “appreciate the history of migration and race,” in what appears to be a stunning abandonment of the anti-multicultural, conservative base that gave Boris Johnson’s government a whopping Parliamentary majority last year. Patel, a supposedly Conservative Member of Parliament, was elected on a pledge that promised to “control immigration.” In her purview as Secretary of State for the Home Office, her policies impact everything from immigration to drug policy, crime, counter-terrorism, and police. Today’s announcement mandates retraining of all Home Office staff to “appreciate