The British Government Believes COVID-19 Came From the Wuhan Lab: Report.

The British government believes COVID-19 traces its origins to the Wuhan Institute of Virology “behind closed doors,” according to reports from a former Army Colonel. The revelation comes amidst Prime Minister Boris Johnson revamping the United Kingdom’s biosecurity strategy to guard against “natural zoonosis and laboratory leaks.” Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, an expert on chemical and biological counter-terrorism and a biosecurity fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge, stated in reference to the government: “There is a huge amount of concern about coming out publicly, but behind closed doors most people think it’s a lab leak.” “The zoonotic transfer theory just didn’t make

Spectator Mag Chairman Backs A BAD Brexit Deal for Britain

The Spectator magazine’s Chairman, Andrew Neil, has come out in favor of a bad deal for the United Kingdom as the nation finalizes its escape from the European Union. Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, Spectator Chairman and founder of the forthcoming GB News television channel Andrew Neil claims: “No Deal would be a nail in the coffin of Western democracy and celebrated by Russia and China.” For the uninitiated: “No Deal” is a pro-establishment euphemism for “full sovereignty” whereas a “deal” means compromising with Brussels and rejecting the democratic will of the British public as expressed in 2016. Neil

‘BLM’ Registers As Political Party With Mystery Backing

A “Black Lives Matter” political party was registered in the United Kingdom, but the organization’s official British affiliate denies involvement with the group. Electoral Commission records from October reveal a UK-wide political party operating under the name Black Lives Matter (BLM). The British wing of the group, however, insists there is no overlap between the political party and their organization, which is registered as a community benefit society under the name Black Liberation Movement UK. A member of the group’s UK-wide chapter, Lemara Francis, noted: “BLM is proud to be a political organization, but has no plans to set up a

‘Devastating Blow’ to UK Govt Healthcare System Which Gave Kids ‘Puberty Blockers’

Children under the age of 16 are unlikely to be allowed to legally consent to taking drugs to transition genders in the United Kingdom. The November ruling comes from three High Court judges and centers on young children that receive puberty-blocking drugs in an effort to transition genders who ultimately come to regret the decision. One of the claimants, Keira Bell, who says the clinic she visited as a teenager should have challenged her more over her decision to become transgender and administer her puberty blockers, was “delighted” by the ruling. The second claimant, referred to as “Mrs. A,” is

Is Mail-In Ballot Fraud Real? Evidence Says Yes.

Evidence from countries that use mail-in – or postal – votes points to “widespread abuse” as Democrats in the United States seek to expand the process, piggybacking off the coronavirus pandemic to deliver on their goal of a less secure election. Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled her intent in April: “Vote by mail is so important to… our democracy so that people have access to voting and not be deterred, especially at this time, by the admonition to stay home.” But while malls, cinemas, and restaurants begin to re-open, Americans are increasingly curious as to the keenness of Democrats to get

UK’s Royal Academy Of Music Ditches 200-Year-Old Royal Crest For… An “Accessible” Triangle

The Royal Academy of Music, the United Kingdom’s oldest conservatory, has ditched its nearly 200-year-old logo in favor of a “future-facing,” modernist alternative to communicate an “accessible” tone. Announced on July 20th, the Royal Academy of Music (RAM)’s press release decries the conservatory’s old logo as not “too evocative or special,” criticizing how “a lot of emphasis [was] given to the Royal Charter seal.” Under the former logo, RAM, which received its Royal Charter in 1830, trained an array of music legends, including singer Elton John and composer Arnold Bax. The change, designed by global design consulant Johnson Banks, was

Trump: UK May Be Added to Travel Ban Following Boris’s ‘Many More Will Die’ Plan

President Trump said today that the United Kingdom may be added to the U.S. travel ban after all, given Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government’s inability to control the spread of coronavirus.  Speaking in the White House Rose Garden this afternoon, Trump declared: “We may have to include them in the list of countries we will – you could say ban or whatever it is – during this period of time. But yeah, their numbers have gone up fairly precipitously over the last 24 hours, so we may be adding them and may be adding a couple of others,

Populist Wave Continues as Britain’s Conservatives Win Huge Majority

The populist, right-wing wave that has swept the Western world in recent years showed no signs of slowing yesterday as the U.K.’s Conservative Party won a dominant majority of seats in the British Parliament. Elections in the U.K. are very different from U.S. elections. British elections can be called at essentially any time. The prime minister is himself a member of parliament. Parties elect leaders, and whichever party wins a governing majority sees its leader installed as prime minister. A vote for the local MP (member of parliament) is as much a local vote as a national vote for the