“Unplanned” Actress Launches Scholarship for Expectant Mothers

Ashley Bratcher is a pro-life actress who recently had a starring role in the film “Unplanned” playing former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson. Now, she is launching a scholarship program to empower women who choose life. The initiative is called the Unplanned Movie Scholarship. This scholarship is a partnership between Bratcher and Heartbeat International, a faith-based organization that supports crisis pregnancy centers worldwide. Bratcher tweeted: I'm so excited to announce that I've partnered w/ @HeartbeatIntl to launch the @UnplannedMovie Scholarship to offer moms facing unplanned pregnancies educational scholarships so they can continue pursuing their dreams while raising their children. 💜👶👩‍🎓

Dozens of Abortion Clinic Staffers Leaving Jobs After Seeing “Unplanned”

While pro-lifers flocked to see “Unplanned” and helped it reach the $6.1 million initial box office debut it achieved, the pro-life film has caused surprising results among abortion supporters. Almost 100 abortion clinic workers are now seeking to leave the industry after watching the film. “Unplanned” writer and director Chuck Konzelman testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution last Wednesday. He revealed that since the premiere of the film, 94 current abortion clinic staffers have reached out to seek help in leaving their jobs. Konzelman estimated that this makes up roughly 1 percent of United

Pro-Life Film Given ‘R’ Rating for Showing Violence of Abortion

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) recently gave the upcoming pro-life film “Unplanned” an ‘R’ rating for violence, an ironic endorsement of the film’s key message. “Unplanned” tells the story of former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson. Running the clinic opened her eyes to the gruesome reality of abortion, causing her pro-life conversion. “I thought I was helping women,” Johnson explained. “But I was doing more harm than good. It wasn’t until I saw a child fight for its life that my world came crashing down and I understood the enormity of my actions. I had to leave.