Washington Post Story Shows Devastation of Socialism in Venezuela

The Washington Post has published a new photo essay that shows in heartbreaking detail how bad the crisis in Venezuela has become.  Venezuela was once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, with a strong economy built on the country’s abundant natural resources, especially oil. Its natural beauty brought in one million people and one billion dollars per year. Dictatorial actions by former President Hugo Chavez and current disputed President Nicolas Maduro nationalized the nation’s oil industry and have plunged it into an economic crisis and turned Venezuela back into a third-world country. The national currency is worthless, most

How President Trump Could Score a Huge Win in Venezuela

President Trump was recently presented with one of the greatest foreign policy tests of his administration when Nicolas Maduro’s regime closed its doors to humanitarian aid attempting to enter Venezuela by land and sea. Despite the United States’ dubious history of intervention in Latin American politics, the administration has been right not to ignore the political and humanitarian crisis unfolding south of our border. If the Trump administration continues to respond to Venezuela as a humanitarian crisis (rather than a military one) by fighting for the delivery humanitarian aid and laying the groundwork for a negotiated political settlement, President Trump