EXCLUSIVE: Footage Reveals Kamala Harris Insisting “I Am Radical” Despite Media Portraying Her As “Moderate”

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris declared she was a “radical” while running for California Attorney General, The National Pulse can reveal. The remarks stand in stark contrast to the mainstream media’s attempting to dupe voters that the current California Senator is a “moderate.” Speaking at the corporate headquarters of Google, a paragon of anti-conservative big tech, Harris embraced the “radical” label her opponent for California Attorney General Steve Cooley: “I read that at the Republican Convention he called me a radical, so I guess that’s one difference between us. And yeah, I am radical. I do believe that we need

Kamala Harris Isn’t African-American. She’s Ethnically Indian and Jamaican. That’s Not The Same Thing.

Joe Biden recently implied blacks in America are a monolith. Now, by calling his Vice Presidential pick Kamala Harris “African-American,” the media is endorsing his racist position that all blacks are the same. While the media will continue to portray Harris as African-American, it’s important to note her mother was from India, and her father from Jamaica. That’s not typically what people think of when they say “African-American”. I’m Indian, for example, and I don’t go around pretending to be black. Political activist Ali Alexander — of half African extraction himself — noted the matter over a year ago, tweeting: