GAETZ: I Won’t Vote to Hike Gas Prices for My Constituents. There Are Better Ways to Squeeze Putin’s Gangster Government.

As I travel today to America’s southern border, my fellow lawmakers in both parties are obsessed over 150,000 Russians moving on Ukraine. It’s about the same number of illegal aliens that move into our country. Monthly. I’m more concerned with America’s borders than Ukraine’s. It’s increasingly a lonely place to be, but I make no apology for loving my neighbors more than Russia’s. America is a friend to liberty everywhere but a custodian only of our own. Today the D.C. uni-party will vote to ban Russian energy imports. I will not join them. Biden’s plan to replace Russian oil with

Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Universal Vote-By-Mail Law.

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that a state law allowing for universal vote-by-mail was unconstitutional. A January 28th opinion by Judge Mary Leavitt explains why the court struck down Act 77, which allowed all Pennsylvanians to vote via mail-in-ballots during elections. “As we witnessed in 2020, Act 77 in its current form is susceptible to unconstitutional changes that weaken its election security safeguards. The state Supreme Court unilaterally extended the deadline for mailed ballots to be received and mandated that mail-in ballots lacking a verified signature be accepted. Additionally, the State Department encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate

POLL: 81% Believe China Owes Reparations for COVID-19 Spread.

As pressure mounts on the Chinese Communist Party over the origins of COVID-19, a whopping 81 percent of survey respondents have agreed that China owes the world “reparations” from the disease. In a large National Pulse reader poll, which faced an attempted hijacking from Chinese Communist bots, just 11 percent said they believed the CCP did not owe reparations for the virus and its impacts on the world economy. Eight percent were unsure. Over 13,000 people voted in the survey: In mid June, a significant spike in activity – including attempts to insert malicious code into The National Pulse website

Nevada GOP Subpoenas DMV, Data Reveals Thousands Of Non-Citizen Voters

Data obtained by the Nevada GOP from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles reveals that thousands of non-citizens were registered to vote and ultimately cast ballots in the 2020 election. The revelation, adding to a long list of fraudulent election activities in the critical swing state, comes as a result of Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) automatically registering all voters who apply for driver’s licenses. Since legal and illegal non-citizens can hold driver’s licenses and identification cards, if the DMV fails to “do their due diligence,” non-citizens can easily be registered to vote, as explained by the Nevada GOP.

Report Claims Dominion Error Rate of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed to Create Systemic Fraud’

A forensic report from the Allied Security Operations Group of election results from Antrim County, Michigan concluded Dominion Voting Systems is “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” The report reasons that while “the allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%),” they “observed an error rate of 68.05% with Dominion Voting Systems. Its findings focus on Antrim County, which saw its election results glitch and flip thousands of votes for President Trump to Joe Biden. “This demonstrated a significant and fatal

WATCH: Dem Ga Senate Chair Insisted ‘Not One Reason’ To Buy Dominion Systems, ‘Reeks Of Corruption’ In 2019

Elena Parent, the Chairwoman of Georgia State Senate Democrats, slammed Dominion voting machines as “opposed by national security experts,” suggesting the state’s decision to go with the vendor “reeks of corruption.” Parent, who serves as the Vice Chairman of Campaigns and Fundraising, criticized the controversial voting system in 2019. Referencing how the company’s machines fail to provide results for a satisfactory audit, she poses the question: Why on earth would we buy less secure machines that are opposed by the voters, opposed by national security experts, at risk of being decertified right now in New York, are far more expensive

Over 2,400 Nevada Voters Appear Double-Listed On California Voter Roll

The Election Integrity Project has flagged 2,400 Nevada voters as simultaneously registered to vote in California.  According to the election fraud watch group, they have “found 2,410 persons who are registered to vote in Nevada, subsequently registered in California, but voted in Nevada’s November 3 election.” The findings, which “will be submitted to the Secretaries of State in both Nevada and California,” are based on analysis matching mailing addresses and phone numbers between the two states’ voter rolls. The over 2,400 Nevada registrants, therefore, “closely match a California registrant on first, middle and last name, and date of birth. Common