Massive ‘CitizenFreePress’ News Site Suspended from Musk’s Twitter for Sharing Video of Obama Admitting Election Machine Exploits.

The heavily-trafficked news aggregation site CitizenFreePress.com has been suspended from Twitter for sharing a clip of former President Barack Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania in 2008, discussing potential problems with American voting machines and demanding paper trails for ballots. CitizenFressPress.com (CFP) was not the only account to have shared the clip, though appears to be the only one that has received a suspension for doing so. Though the video can still be viewed on Elon Musk’s platform, it now carries a warning label which claims the video is “misleading,” as well as noting that the clip can no longer be replied

FARNAN: Ballot Harvesting is The Most Systematically Racist Practice in America, And It Stole This Election

As Trump voters peruse the spider veins of the internet to find information prohibited in the main arteries, each is developing his or her favorite compelling piece of evidence that proves election fraud. My favorite is the testimony of Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, the former election integrity liaison to Michigan’s Secretary of State. She also happens to be black, which shouldn’t matter, but it does give her an additional element of historical standing to issue a complaint.  This is the short version of what she said: https://twitter.com/Herbert_L_Reed/status/1333892270869909510 This is her entire statement. To summarize, in the black neighborhoods of Detroit,

WATCH: Soros-Linked Smartmatic Chairman Admits ‘Technology Is Licensed From Dominion’

Despite voter tech firm Smartmatic’s insistence that it has “no affiliate relationships or financial ties” with the foreign-owned Dominion Voting Systems, the company Chairman has previously admitted during interviews that “part of our technology is licensed from Dominion.” The comments came from Smartmatic company Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who enjoys intricate financial relations and a “famous friendship” with leftist mega-donor George Soros. During a June 2015 interview with Philippine news outlet ABS-CBN, Lord Malloch-Brown admitted, “…yes part of our technology is licensed from Dominion.” The news will raise further questions as to why both Dominion and Smartmatic have gone to

96% Of Dominion Voting Systems Political Donations Went To Democrats

Of 96 political donations coming from employees of Dominion Voting Systems, nearly 96 percent of contributions were directed to Democratic candidates. The company in question, Dominion Voting Systems, improperly counted ballots to create a fraudulent win for Joe Biden in Antrim County, Michigan and caused several other “glitches” that required extended voting hours and delayed results. Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, however, reveal the company is overwhelmingly staffed by Democratic donors – perhaps contributing to the explanation as to how the machines malfunctioned exclusively to Biden’s benefit. From 2014 to 2020, nine individuals who list “Dominion Voting” or “Dominion Voting Systems”

Dominion Voting Systems Retains Obama ‘Vote Protection Director’ As Lobbyist

Dominion Voting Systems – whose machines flipped ballots cast for President Trump to Joe Biden – currently retains Brian McKeon, a Vote Protection Director for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, as a lobbyist. This unearthed connection follows Dominion Voting Systems counting ballots to create a false win for Biden in Antrim County, Michigan and several other glitches that required extended voting hours and delayed results. According to The Washington Post, McKeon was a “deputy director for voter protection for Obama for America, helping oversee the effort to recruit and organize attorneys to be poll watchers in the 2012 election”: …McKeon previously worked as a senior aide to

Dominion Vote System Was Flagged As ‘Fragile And Error Prone’ In 2019

Dominion Voting was rejected by the Texas Secretary of State for use in elections in 2013 and 2019 over a plethora of issues which led it to fail basic tests for reliability and accuracy. The voting system is alleged to have improperly counted ballots leading to a false Biden win in Antrim County, Michigan and mainstream media reports suggest several glitches that forced extended voting hours and delayed results. It’s not difficult, therefore, to understand why the Texas Secretary of State refused to adopt the voting system twice – in 2013 and 2019. Per a comprehensive, five-page report on Dominion

Trump Legal Team Blocks Dem Efforts To Mail 70,000 Auto-Filled Ballots In Iowa

The Trump campaign legal team successfully invalidated nearly 70,000 mail-in ballot requests that were delivered to Iowans already filled out with the necessary information required to vote. According to the Associated Press: “The court rejected a Democratic challenge that argued the directive issued by Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate was unconstitutional. Pate instructed county elections commissioners in July that all absentee ballot request forms they mailed to voters must be blank in order to ensure uniformity statewide. Auditors in three counties defied Pate’s guidance and mailed forms to thousands of voters with their names, addresses, dates of birth and

Pennsylvania Voting Machine Programming Technology Stolen

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program voting machines in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania were stolen. The news, confirmed Wednesday by Philadelphia officials, is the latest testament to the questionable integrity of the upcoming presidential election. According to The Inquirer: “Many details surrounding the incident remained unclear Wednesday afternoon including exactly how the equipment was taken, whether there are any suspects, and details on how the missing technology might be used. Officials said there are multiple levels of security to prevent the equipment from being used maliciously, and a police investigation is ongoing The equipment is believed