Chinese State Media Exploits Washington Post Journalist Leaving America For Africa Over ‘Racism.’

Chinese Communist Party-run media outlets have seized on a controversial Washington Post op-ed about a journalist deciding to leave the U.S. for Africa to escape racism. Beijing’s decision to amplify the article, penned by staff writer DeNeen L. Brown, is the latest example of how the Chinese Communist Party seeks to exploit racial divisions in the U.S. In the past, Chinese Communist Party-backed influence groups have worked to promote Critical Race Theory (CRT) in American classrooms and “racial justice” protests across the U.S. The article highlighting Brown’s decision to leave America was published by Xinhua News Agency, the official state

Atlantic Mag’s Anne Applebaum – ‘Uninterested’ in Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive – Argued AGAINST Arresting a Convicted Child Rapist.

Atlantic magazine staff writer and participant the recent University of Chicago conference on disinformation – Anne Applebaum – argued against the arrest of convicted child rapist Roman Polanski in a resurfaced op-ed from The Washington Post. Applebaum, a former member of The Washington Post’s Editorial Board, argued the case in an opinion piece from September 27th, 2009: “The Outrageous Arrest of Roman Polanski.” The near 400-word apologia appeared to make a case against the arrest and potential trial of the now 88-year-old film director Polanski, who was accused of raping a 13-year-old amongst other charges including rape by use of drugs, perversion, and

The Washington Post Finally Admits The Role of the ‘Far Right’ Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

After months of denying the influence of Neo Nazis in Ukraine’s military, the Washington Post has finally conceded the point – long blasted as “conspiracy theory” or “Kremlin disinformation” – about the nation’s Azov battalion. In an article published April 6th 2022, the Washington Post explains in its headline: “Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine.” The report cites Hans-Jakob Schindler, a senior director at the Counter Extremism Project, who admitted the “allure” for Neo Nazis in Ukraine is “not surprising,” in WaPo’s words. “There’s nothing shocking about it,” he said. “It’s the only conflict you can

New York on 9/11: Defiant… and Deplorable.

There's a widening gap between real New York & woke New York, evidenced by the events surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the vaccine passport mandates being broadly ignored by the city's finest and toughest.

WaPo: Investigation Into COVID Lab Origin Theory “Long Overdue.”

Several Republican Members of Congress have launched an investigation to determine if Covid-19 originated through a Wuhan lab leak, something that even Washington Post writers are calling “long overdue.” “Understanding the cause of this pandemic — and ensuring that something like it never happens again — is the most important question facing the world today.  Given the stakes, we cannot afford to settle for a limited, blinkered, or politicized understanding of the origin of this terrible disease,” wrote Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) to Anthony S. Fauci, director for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in a letter

FLASH: Capitol Police Officer Sicknick ‘Died of Natural Causes’, Medical Examiner Admits.

Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick – who the media and Democrats first claimed was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher, then claimed was killed by bear spray – suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, a medical examiner has declared. Even the Washington Post, which peddled the conspiracy theory about Sicknick’s death, was forced to admit the facts on Monday afternoon following a new report: Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes a day after he confronted rioters at the Jan. 6 insurrection, the District’s chief medical examiner has ruled.

EXC: Washington Post Refuses to Officially Retract Fake Georgia Fraud Trump Quote.

Following recent revelations of glaring falsehoods reported by The Washington Post, the Bezos-owned paper has told The National Pulse it will not retract the fake news item. This week, the world learned of how The Washington Post published a false story, relying on a single source of information which turned out to be untrue. The story concerned the major, national news of President Trump making a phone call to Georgia State representatives regarding election fraud. Democrat Party officials relied on the fake news report to form the second impeachment case against Donald J. Trump. The Post’s refusal to retract should

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