‘Biden’s Boardwalk Bash’: Joe & Hunter Used Public Funds to Schmooze Reporters in Exchange for Favorable Coverage.

Dozens of reporters, journalists, and news anchors enjoyed a close-knit relationship with Joe Biden and his family, dating back to his Vice Presidency and linked to his private parties – thrown at taxpayer expense at the Vice President’s residence – known as “Biden Beach Boardwalk Bashes,” the National Pulse can reveal. The news may go some way to explaining why CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and many others ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story of 2020. The Boardwalk Bash. The Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash was a pool party held in June at the Vice

THAYER: On China, Trump Tried to Save Washington From Itself.

From the George H.W. Bush administration, through Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama, the simple and stark fact is that our national security leaders failed the American people.  The growth of the threat from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) occurred over decades and was not identified, let alone countered by U.S. strategists. Man-made Decline. The PRC’s growth was supported by these administrations, as an endless source of inexpensive manufacturing labor. Its considerable economic growth in the 1990s greatly accelerated once Beijing was admitted into World Trade Organization (WTO). The PRC prospered more rapidly than any country before—moving from dire

EXC: Harvard Center Attacking COVID Lab Theory Has Extensive Financial and Personnel Links With The Chinese Communist Party.

The organization behind a recent report attempting to discredit COVID-19 studies authored by Dr. Li-Meng Yan is run by the Research Director of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, an entity with long-standing, extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The report leans heavily on scientific studies funded by Chinese government-funded and military-linked grants, The National Pulse can today reveal. Studies authored by Dr. Yan, a former Hong Kong School of Public Health researcher, concluded that COVID-19 was a man-made virus originating from the Chinese Communist Party. “The Media Manipulation Casebook,” however, claimed Dr. Yan’s work was a “misleading article masquerading as science,

Biden Praises Xi Jinping As ‘Bright,’ Refuses To ‘Criticize’ Lack Of Democracy

President Biden insisted he didn’t “mean it as a criticism” when describing Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping as not having “democratic bone in his body.” Speaking with CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell ahead of the Super Bowl, President Biden was pushed on his approach to China. “He’s very bright. He’s very tough. He doesn’t have, and I don’t mean it as a criticism just a reality, he doesn’t have a democratic small “d” bone in his body,” he said in reference to Xi. The former vice president, whose son Hunter has extensive financial involvement with Chinese Communist Party-linked businesses, also

Chinese Communist Party Orders Army To Prepare For War ‘At Any Second’

Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping demanded the regime’s People’s Liberation Army be ready for war “at any second.” In his first order of 2021 to China’s military forces, he stressed the importance of “full-time combat readiness” and preparation to “act at any second.” “[The PLA must] increase the integration of new equipment, new forces and new combat realms into training and combat systems,” he added – a stark difference from the previous year-opening orders such as in 2020 when Xi insisted the country’s armed forces should “manage crises and deter war”. Xi also encouraged the People’s Liberation Army to

State Sec Demanding Data Deletion Taught U.S. Election Details to CCP Students at Xi Jinping’s Alma Mater

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson – currently obstructing efforts to investigate Michigan’s election results – developed ties with Chinese state-run universities and trained lawyers for the Chinese Communist Party – even delivering a lecture at Chinese Premier Xi Jinping’s alma mater – The National Pulse can reveal. Benson undertook the work aiding the Chinese Communist Party while serving as the Dean of Wayne Law School in Detroit, Michigan. Benson – who oversaw a state allegedly riddled with election fraud and told county clerks to “destroy certain election data and software” – visited China in June 2013 in an attempt

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Cabinet Picks Welcomed Chinese Communist Conference for Group Boasting ‘Private Briefings’ With U.S. Officials

The Committee of 100 – which hosts conferences alongside the Chinese Communist Party and has been praised by Xi Jinping – boasts of “private briefings” with U.S. government officials and involvement from U.S. politicians including nominated Biden administration cabinet secretaries and advisers. The group, the brainchild of noted Chinese Communist Party appeaser Henry Kissinger, routinely holds conferences to boost political and economic ties between China and the U.S. The Committee of 100, however, appears to leverage its membership, which consists of prominent Chinese and American nationals, to connect Americans with the Chinese Communist Party. Prominently displayed on the group’s “mission

CNN Anchors And Biden Advisers Attended A Major Chinese Communist Conference With Xi Jinping

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria and an adviser to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign attended the recent Understanding China Conference, which counted Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping and high-level apparatchiks in attendance. The conference, themed “Huge Shake-up, Big Test, Great Cooperation: China’s New Journey toward Modernization and Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind,” argued for increased cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and the broader world. Featuring nearly 20 Chinese speakers – all boasting high-level involvement with the Chinese Communist Party – the conference depends on Western figures to grant legitimacy to the event. Zakaria, who hosts