Investment Firm Backed By Top American Universities Partners With ‘Socialist’ China-Backed Fund.

Hillhouse Capital – a private equity firm funded by America’s top universities and is invested in companies including Zoom and Apple – struck a $1.5 billion deal with a Chinese Communist Party-owned investment fund. Hillhouse Capital partnered with the “wholly state-owned” Hangzhou Capitol on a billion-dollar fund “to invest in sectors including artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and new energy vehicles,” according to Chinese state-run media outlet China Global Television Network (CGTN). Hillhouse Capital, which was funded with $20 million in seed capital from the Yale University Endowment, is reported to be backed by America’s most prestigious universities. Following a Stanford University

EXCLUSIVE: Zoom Employs Chinese Communist Party, Huawei Techies

Zoom – the widely-used video conferencing platform long-suspected to have ties to the Chinese Communist Party – employs a host of individuals linked to the Chinese government, including former officials and employees of military-linked companies, The National Pulse can reveal. Wenjie Gu – Zoom’s China Representative for Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs – served as a Chinese Communist Party official within the Ministry of Posts and Telecom. He served as a manager for China Telecom, identified as collaborating with the Chinese military for over two decades by the U.S. Defense Department, spearheading “international tariff settlement, telco and association affairs,

EXC: Top Zoom Investor Funded Chinese Communist Party-Linked Artificial Intelligence Program

A top investor in video conferencing platform Zoom also invested over $45 million in a Chinese Communist Party-run artificial intelligence program along with other party-linked companies designated as “tools of the Chinese government” by the U.S. State Department. Zoom – which has seen record growth due to the coronavirus-fueled shift to online meetings – has been under fire for its reportedly close ties to China. These fears have caused the Department of Defense and Senate to restrict usage and for good reason: Zoom reroutes data through China for non-China users and overwhelmingly uses encryption keys from China-based servers. Adding to