New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Chris Christie Fills in the Blanks on Gay Marriage, Common Core


In an exclusive interview released today, Chris Christie sat down with Matt Lauer and was asked to fill in the blanks on key issues in the 2016 race. Two issues which came up were gay marriage and Common Core (starts at 4:50):

Matt Lauer: In 2017 gay marriage will be…

Chris Christie: Decided by the US Supreme Court, I suspect.

Matt Lauer: Which way?

Chris Christie: Don’t know.

Matt Lauer: In 2017 Common Core will be…

Chris Christie: Probably no longer a factor in American life.

These answers aren’t exactly the types of specific responses that most voters hope to hear from their candidates. His response on Common Core question was especially vague. One has to wonder where Christie truly stands on the issue, as he has appeared to be on both sides at various times.

Joshua Pinho works for American Principles in Action.

Joshua Pinho

Joshua Pinho is a Digital Communications Associate for the American Principles Project.