Fred Karger (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Gay Activist Launches Anti-Huckabee Super-PAC


Fred Karger (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)
Fred Karger (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Fred Karger just announced plans to raise money for an anti-Huckabee Super-PAC.   I think this may be the first PAC organized to defeat one candidate, rather than elect one candidate.

I know Fred Karger pretty well.  He launched a number of attempts to bring down the National Organization for Marriage when I was involved with that organization, the most ludicrous of which was the time he launched a press release announcing that I was lying about being married: my husband did not exist.

Even the gay press had a hard time swallowing that one: I got a call from I think The Advocate asking me about it.  I told them I think I knew better than Fred whether or not I was married. If I was not married, or divorced, I would tell you that (unmarried and divorced people having a perfect right to oppose gay marriage in my view).

He told me he thought Fred had gone too far with this one, and said he wouldn’t publish a story if I could explain why I no longer wear my wedding ring.  I told him I didn’t really care if he published the story—I would still be married even if he did—but since he asked why, I said, “A few years ago I developed an arthritis-like condition in my knuckles. Rings seemed to make the condition worse.  I need to type a lot.”

Anyway Mike Huckabee must be honored, if he is aware of the attention.

I haven’t endorsed any candidates, but in honor of Fred Karger, if you’d like to express your opinions, Mike Huckabee’s super-PAC is here.

Fred Karger’s is here, if you’d like to express your opinion.

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at American Principles in Action.

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.