Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Fiorina: Planned Parenthood Is Not About Women’s Health (VIDEO)


In a recent appearance on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Carly Fiorina commented on the misuse of terminology that currently clouds the conflict over social issues that exists between conservatives and liberals:

DICKERSON: Let me ask you about something you said in your closing statement. You said that the Republican Party needed to nominate somebody who cannot stumble before he even gets into the ring.

A lot of people assumed you were talking about Jeb Bush. Were you?

FIORINA: You know, I think it’s very frustrating to me and other conservatives when we have people on our side who play by the Democrats’ songbook.

So, for example, the Democrats have been trying to paint Republicans as waging a war on women for a long time. I spent last year, for example, raising money and helping great candidates like Cory Gardner and Joni Ernst push back against that war on women mythology. And so I think when Democrats say the Planned Parenthood videos have something to do with women’s health, when, demonstrably, they have nothing to do with women’s health — they have to do with the harvesting of human organs from what a Planned Parenthood employee called a baby — we shouldn’t be talking about women’s health.

Indeed, the conservative “war on women” is a myth.

Nick Leaver works for American Principles in Action.