Trump: “I Will Appoint Judges That Will Be Pro-Life” (VIDEO)


Last night, on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Donald Trump doubled down on his commitment to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who are pro-life. This is in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, who has consistently stated that she will only appoint justices who see Roe v. Wade as “settled law.”

You can watch Trump’s full appearance and read the transcript below:

BILL O’REILLY: I have a question from a viewer. … ‘Donald Trump says he’s pro-life. Please ask him to name one specific thing he would do to protect the sanctity of human life.’ Can you?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think that what we’re doing — and I think it’s a very important element in what I’ve done — I’ve become pro-life. I was, in a meek fashion, pro-choice, but I’ve become pro-life. And the reason is I’ve seen, in my case one specific situation, but numerous situations that have made me go that way. I will protect it, and the biggest way you can protect it is through the Supreme Court and putting people on the Court — and actually the biggest way you can protect it, I guess, is by electing me President.

O’REILLY: Alright, so you’re going to get a judge who would overturn Roe v. Wade? That’s the specific thing you would do?

TRUMP: Well, overturn, or — overturn — look, I’m going to put conservative judges on. I think one of the biggest things happening in terms of this election are — you know, it could be that as many as five judges will be appointed over the next four-and-a-half years. So we’re talking about five judges, and I think probably the most important thing that — one of the most important things other than the security itself of the country is going to be the appointment of four to five Supreme Court justices, and I’ll be doing that.

O’REILLY: Alright, so let me just get this straight so Diane’s question is answered. Your specific thing to protect the sanctity of life would be appointing a Supreme Court justice that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Do I have it?

TRUMP: Well they’ll be pro-life, and we’ll see about overturning, but they will be — I will appoint judges that will be pro-life, yes.

Danny Cannon works for the American Principles Project.

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