EXC: BLM Founder Is Soros Institute ‘Expert’, Called For ‘Opposing Capitalism’ While Colleague Admitted ‘We Are Trained Marxists’


Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza – listed as an “expert” who’s “guiding the work” of George Soros’s Institute for New Economic Thinking – called for movements to “oppose capitalism” at the organization’s 2016 conference.

These unearthed comments follow Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors describing the group’s Marxist influence, proclaiming:

“We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) is the brainchild of progressive mega-donor and social justice financier George Soros. He’s also the group’s largest donor, funneling at least $50 million to INET since its inception in 2010.

Soros is also a major Democratic party and donor frequently branded as a “globalist” – and rightfully so. As The Guardian notes:

“For Soros, the goal of contemporary human existence is to establish a world defined not by sovereign states, but by a global community whose constituents understand that everyone shares an interest in freedom, equality and prosperity. […] Soros truly wants to transform national and international politics and society.”

Soros has also contributed over $30 million to BLM linked activist groups. Despite this, the left is quick to dismiss Soros’s BLM links. AN INET-sanctioned “expert” whose “new thinking guides [INET’s] work,” however, is Alicia Garza, one of BLM’s three founders.

Invited to speak at INET’s 2016 conference in Detroit, which promised to “examine how racial fears and centuries of racism continue to perpetuate damaging structural inequities in wealth, environment, employment, health, educational access, and treatment by the criminal justice system,” Garza called for “opposition” to capitalism.

She explained:

“We need to build a different kind of movement that continues to push to take back the things that we’ve won but also continues to pull in new people into the fight who should’ve been there in the first place. The way that we do that, in my opinion, is not just by opposing what is wrong, what is fascist, what is xenophobic, what is racist, what is capitalist, imperialist about our president-elect. It’s not just about opposing those things. It’s not just about him, but it’s also very much about organizing and building power.”

Evidently, the elimination of capitalism – the foundational economic and political system of the West – is yet another radical goal BLM seeks to materialize.

Under the direction of self-declared Marxists, BLM also seeks to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and erase history with its activists violently removing statues and monuments – both lynchpins of cultural revolutions.

As Tucker Carlson noted, BLM is a “political party” – and not just because Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is potentially profiting from donations to the group.

The speech by Garza was also rife with BLM talking points including Garza’s insistence America came “together on the backs of black people and the genocide of indigenous nations. That has not changed. It just keeps repeating itself in different forms.”

Garza’s affiliation with INET runs even deeper: Garza did an exclusive interview Lynn Paramore, the group’s Senior Research Analyst.

Published on the INET website, the BLM founder discussed chiefly how to “bring economic opportunity to women of color” and earned a glowing review from INET’s Paramore:

“As the dust settles on the presidential election, Garza already has her eye on the next battle: the mid-term elections. She sees the composition of Congress as critical to achieving the kinds of policies that will improve the lives of those who are suffering economic injustice.  The Black Lives Matter movement has made it clear that economic equality is the unfinished business of the civil rights struggle, and that the struggle will go on, no matter who is in the White House.”

Also in the interview – reminiscent of her self-avowed opposition to capitalism – Garza lamented the “gig economy has been unfavorable to unions and collective bargaining.”

She also emphasized it’s “crucial” for illegal immigrants “to have more access to citizenship” despite undocumented workers and mass migration serving as a chief catalyst for wage depression and high unemployment plaguing black communities, as noted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. President Barack Obama’s own Federal Commission on Civil Rights report, “The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment Opportunities of Black Workers,” even concluded “illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.”

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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