WATCH – The Rape of Hong Kong: How The CCP Uses Sexual Violence Against Democracy Protesters


In a must-see video produced by a Hong Kong father of six, and premiered on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic show, five Hong Kong victims share their trauma and incidences of sexual assault at the hands of CCP armed police allegedly disguised as Hong Kong law enforcement.

Elmer Yuen, an ally of the Hong Kong protestors and CEO of Golden Bridge Technology Inc., believes the proposed National Security Law will bring an ethnic cleansing to Hong Kong and implores leaders of the free world to listen and to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their years of brutal abuse.

“In the last 12 months over 10,000 of our young boys and girls have been arrested, beaten, tortured, murdered, raped, and some even been sent to China to concentrate camp, and we have no idea what happened to them,” Yuen says. “Please support Hong Kong.”


Standing beside Hong Kong’s freedom fighters, Yuen told US bureaucrats and business elites who have coddled the Chinese Communist Party for decades to “get the hell out.”

From economic theft, to the early mishandling of the novel coronavirus and subsequent cover-up, to the oppression of Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party today exists as the biggest crime organization in the world and seeks the takeover of all free enterprise. “Stop allowing the Chinese Communist Party to get away with murder,” Yuen asks the West.

Upon the British departure from Hong Kong in 1997, Prince Charles wrote in his diary: “All the locals were being outwardly, thoroughly optimistic about the immediate future but in the background was the sneaking worry about creeping corruption and the gradual undermining of Hong Kong’s greatest strength – the rule of law.”

Prince Charles’ fear ultimately materialized and on Wednesday May 27th, 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo certified to Congress that Hong Kong no long enjoys autonomy from mainland China and the Chinese Communist Party – an announcement likely to terminate Hong Kong’s special trading status with the United States.

To Hong-Kongers seeking freedom out from under CCP rule, the Chinese Communist Party represents a truly fascist regime.

At a time when American cultural Marxists burn the United States flag in the streets and decry the “systemic” oppression of the Western system – the people of Hong Kong live under true oppression and would rather risk death than remain slaves to the CCP.

Hong Kong’s brave young freedom fighters waving American flags in their streets should be a reminder to every American of how precious and how fragile Western freedom is.

Kingsley Cortes

Kingsley Cortes is a 2020 Writing Fellow for the National Pulse

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