11/5/09 Opening celebration for the Confucius Institute.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘World’s Leading Journalist’ Club in Washington, D.C. Partners With Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Arm


The National Press Club, the foremost organization for establishment media journalists in the U.S., assists Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institutes in their quest to spread state propaganda.

Propaganda Pipeline.

The National Press Club (NPC), which bills itself as “The World’s Leading Professional Organization for Journalists,” is run by and for journalists from outlets of the CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post establishment ilk.

The club is listed as a partner of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda groups, known as the Confucius Institutes.

The Confucisus U.S. Center (CIUSC) which “shares” in CISUC’s “vision for developing Chinese language programs.” NPC Executive Director William McCarren is a member of the CIUSC’S Advisory Board and the club’s DC facilities host CIUSC’s annual gala.

Advisory Board members “support and further” Confucius Institute programs

CIUSC oversees the nearly 100 Confucius Institutes controversially operating in American schools.

The programs, bankrolled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), masquerade as language learning initiatives, but are on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) radar for intellectual property theft and espionage. High-level CCP apparatchiks have described the institutes as “an “important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.”

The National Pulse earlier revealed Confucius Institutes push communist propaganda on American schoolchildren by pushing the use of Chinese government-written textbooks, even leading to Chinese military parades being broadcast in elementary schools.

Sponsors help to “foster educational exchanges”

The partnership raises questions over how the deal affects members’ coverage of China, especially Confucius Institutes.

CIUSC is ground zero for messaging against accusations the institutes function solely to pump propaganda into American classrooms, hosting a “media relations” branch to counter such criticism.

The charge is common even among the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), as both entities have identified Confucius Institutes as festering with “undisclosed ties to Chinese institutions and conflicted loyalties.”

“We do share concerns about the Confucius Institutes. We’ve been watching that development for a while,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate hearing in 2018.

NPC’s DC headquarters host CIUSC’s annual gala


The collaboration is made even more egregious by China’s irreverence for freedom of the press and its routine targeting of journalists who dare to defy party narratives.

This unearthed connection adds to The National Pulse revealing a revolving door between CNN employees and Chinese state media as well as a former Washington Post Chief Political Correspondent turned lobbyist for CCP-linked Huawei.

Journalists are quick to decry President Trump for undermining press freedom while hypocritically paying dues to an organization collaborating with a regime actually guilty of the charge – and, while they’re at it, spreading CCP propaganda in American classrooms.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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