EXCLUSIVE: Biden-Era Education Initiative Collaborates With Chinese Communist Party Fronts


Two pro-China programs inaugurated during Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential tenure have morphed into an organization that now openly collaborates with Chinese Communist Party-funded entities, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. 

The “U.S.-China Strong” group was founded to continue two Obama-era initiatives known as “100,000 Strong” and “1,000,000 Strong,” both of which sought to increase the number of Americans studying in China and introduce China-focused curricula into American schools.

The programs were promoted by the Obama-Biden administration despite valid concerns over Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sanctioned espionage, intellectual property theft, and propaganda.

Repeatedly praised by then-Vice President Biden, the initiative is no longer able to tap into U.S. tax dollars and now collaborates with a host of CCP-linked – and in some cases wholly-owned – entities including the Bank of China and Confucius Institutes.


Boasting a sizable million-dollar endowment, the U.S.-China Strong Foundation partnered with Confucius Institutes, specifically those in Chicago public schools and at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

The foundation also sponsored panels and outreach initiatives alongside Confucius Institute U.S. Headquarters, the oversight body of the controversial propaganda and espionage fronts per the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

At one such U.S.-China Strong Foundation event commemorating “40 years since the historic “opening” of China to the West,” speakers hailed Confucius Institutes as “phenomenally successful.”

The foundation’s President John Holden has also praised Confucius Institutes in Chinese state media, completely ignoring the national security threats associated with them:

“These classrooms are reaching out to communities and are stimulating interest in more advanced studies of China that they (the universities) may not be able to offer themselves.”

The U.S.-China Strong Foundation is also partnered with Asia Society, a foundation that strives to further commit the U.S. to China both culturally and economically.

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100 Thousand Strong listed alongside GW’s Confucius Institute and Education Office of the Chinese Embassy

The U.S.-China Strong Foundation also partners with the China Institute, a New York-based advocacy group that hosts a Confucius Institute in partnership with East China Normal University (ECNU), which advertises its adherence to CCP “education and other related policies” in its teachings.

The partnership has allowed for nine Confucius Institutes – which have been described by Politburo Standing Member Li Changchun as an “important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up” – to metastasize into K-12 schools.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that the foundation has earned glowing profile pieces from CCP-run media outlets including China Daily.


Equally concerning are the foundation’s private sector donors which include VIPkid and its subsidiary LingoBus.

These online learning platforms have enjoyed an undisclosed amount of funding from Tencent, a Chinese technology company that has been flagged by the U.S. State Department as lacking the “ability to tell the Chinese Communist Party ‘no’ if officials decide to ask for their assistance” and has seen President Trump target its popular app WeChat with a comprehensive ban.

Other sponsors include state-owned Bank of China and the Delaware Department of Education (DOE), a curious partnership in light of Biden representing the state as Senator from 1973 to 2009.

Another top supporter is Wanxiang Group, which is run by high-ranking CCP apparatchiks and has a long track record of adding relatives and associates of establishment American politicians to its rolodex. As Peter Schweizer points out in Secret Empires, the company leverages these connections to circumvent federal regulations aimed at curtailing predatory acquisition and investment at the hands of CCP-linked firms:

“It has also collected powerful political friends on both sides of the aisle, by putting them and their family members on the payroll. Along the way, it has skated past federal regulations and avoided sanctions for doing business in North Korea that have plagued other companies. It offers a powerful illustration of how politically connected firms make members of the American political class wealthy while getting special treatment in the United States.”

Wanxiang, whose CEO Pin Ni sits on the U.S.-China Strong Foundation Board, is also an enabler of outsourcing American jobs with its “China-America Source Program” and has been known to gobble up American companies – nearly two dozen – since its founding in 1994.

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Despite this, Biden invited company executives to come to the U.S. and tour American cities, eyeing potential industries and companies for expansion.


The foundation, which provides employment for several Obama administration officials such as former Treasury Department Director for China Operations Cobb Mixter, is a testament to how the Obama administration – with Biden as second in command – facilitated China’s entry into vast sectors of American society, even education. And profited immensely.

In contrast, President Trump has moved to terminate Fulbright grants from funding study at China-based institutions, an initiative which led to American professors peddling Beijing talking points in Chinese state media and even “advising” President Xi Jinping.

While Biden, seemingly overnight, now bills himself as tough on China, his administration is directly responsible for allowing the CCP to gain a foothold in American classrooms and subjecting American students to Chinese propaganda abroad.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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