Chinese State Media Gloats: Biden’s ‘Worldview Runs Parallel To Beijing’s’


A Chinese state-run media outlet revealed it believes that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s “worldview runs parallel to Beijing’s,” suggesting the candidate would be less “confrontational” and open to “reconciling” with the Chinese Communist Party.

The article, “China’s Place in a Biden Presidency,” recently ran in China Global Television Network (CGTN)a mouthpiece for the views of the Chinese Communist Party. It confirms a recent U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) report concluding the Chinese Communist Party “prefers” Biden over President Trump in the upcoming election.

The nearly 800-word piece insisted that Biden’s worldview “runs parallel to Beijing’s”:

“It is against this backdrop that Biden’s multilateral worldview runs parallel to Beijing’s demonstrated pursuit for global cooperation, affording new openings for foreign policy convergence.”

The CGTN op-ed also draws a distinction between President Trump and Biden regarding their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, emphasizing Biden “does not share Donald Trump’s enthusiasm for an all-out trade war with Beijing.

CGTN foresees a Biden administration rejecting  “confrontational” tactics deployed by President Trump:

“A Biden victory offers an opportunity to transform some dynamics. Biden’s official track-record is informed by a degree of foreign policy statecraft, and he recognizes the value of constructive dialogue in diffusing tensions, even if tactical. Above all, the former vice president will find it increasingly difficult to measure Sino-U.S. progress based on confrontational metrics introduced and practiced by Trump.”
The propaganda organ also wagers that Biden is interested in “reconciling” America’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, emphasizing the Chinese government would greet him with open arms:
“For China, the reality is much simpler: If Biden is truly determined to reconcile with Beijing, nothing should stop him from coming to the negotiating table.”

The de facto endorsement from the Chinese Communist Party comes as no surprise.

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While in government, Biden has championed the selling out of America’s manufacturing base, intellectual property, and economic hegemony to China, and his family members have profited from billion-dollar business deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

The article is just the latest – and certainly not last – example of Chinese state-run media divulging its preference for the Democratic candidate.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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