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Next Presidential Debate Moderator Interned for Biden, Shared ‘Never Trump’ Article


Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller threw down on Thursday afternoon on Twitter, highlighting how the next Presidential debate will be moderated by a friend of Joe Biden who shared an anti-Trump article.

Steve Scully is the next debate moderator. He actually worked as an intern for Joe Biden, 

Scully, now at C-SPAN, also shared an anti-Trump article in March 2016. He wrote: “No, Not Trump, Not Ever,” linking to an article in the Chinese Communist Party-linked New York Times:

The article in question was written by left-wing columnist David Brooks and stated:

“He is a childish man running for a job that requires maturity. He is an insecure boasting little boy whose desires were somehow arrested at age 12…

“Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship. He pollutes the atmosphere in which our children are raised. He has already shredded the unspoken rules of political civility that make conversation possible. In his savage regime, public life is just a dog-eat-dog war of all against all.

“As the founders would have understood, he is a threat to the long and glorious experiment of American self-government. He is precisely the kind of scapegoating, promise-making, fear-driving and deceiving demagogue they feared.”

But we’re sure Scully will be a fair and balanced moderator, right?

Miller’s not so sure:

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