EXCLUSIVE: WHO Investigator Peter Daszak Authored Over 20 CCP-Funded, Linked Studies.


World Health Organization COVID-19 investigator Peter Daszak has worked on over 20 research endeavors that list “affiliations” with Chinese Communist Party-linked entities, including studies funded by the Chinese government and co-authored by military-linked researchers, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

Daszak appears as an author on at least 25 studies “affiliated” with a funding entity or author linked to a Chinese Communist Party think tank, university, or government ministry.

The unearthed studies follow National Pulse reporting highlighting Daszak’s involvement with the Chinese government and promotion of Chinese state-run media outlets.

Party Payroll.

Studies authored by Daszak focusing on mammal viromes, cross-species transmission of bat coronaviruses, and RNA viromes count funding from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Both entities are controlled and funded by the Chinese Communist Party, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences describing itself as the “linchpin of China’s drive to explore and harness high technology and the natural sciences for the benefit of China and the world.”
Another study authored by Daszak – “Fatal swine acute diarrhoea syndrome caused by an HKU2-related coronavirus of bat origin” – relied on funding from the National Key Research and Development Program of China, which functions as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s five-year plans, along with funding from the State Key Laboratory of Pathogen and Biosecurity.

Similarly, Daszak’s studies focusing on the ACE2 receptor in SARS-like coronavirus, panda parasites, Filoviruses, and the Fugong virus count funding from the Chinese Communist Party’s State Key Research Program and its Ministry of Science and Technology.

Another Ministry of Science and Technology-funded study focusing on the gene pool of bat SARS-related coronaviruses authored by Daszak used grants from the Chinese Academy of Science’s Hundred Talents Program.

The Hundred Talents Program “is a major project in the Chinese Academy of Science in terms of recruiting outstanding talents overseas,” a summary notes.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC) has also funded Daszak’s studies on Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and novel astroviruses from small mammals in China, and Serological Evidence of Bat SARS-Related Coronavirus.

The NNSFC “implements works entrusted by the State Council and relevant governmental administrations,” lists itself as a state-owned institution formed “under the loving care of comrade Deng Xiaoping.” The NNSFC also describes itself as “guided by President Xi Jinping’s Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics for the new era, earnestly implementing the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress.”

Bought and Paid For.

In addition to studies funded by Chinese Communist Party-linked entities, Daszak has also co-authored studies alongside researchers and academics from state-run think tanks and universities.

One study – “Joint China-US Call for Employing a Transdisciplinary Approach to Emerging Infectious Diseases” – lists “affiliation” with researchers from seven China-based, state-run institutes including Second Military Medical University and Academy of Military Medical Sciences. Both schools fall under the jurisdiction of the People’s Liberation Army.

Daszak’s studies focusing on wildlife contact in China have collaborated with the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and his studies focusing on wetlands, bat coronavirus spillover, novel bat coronavirus, H9N2 influenza viruses, and the Fugong virus have been co-authored with researchers from China’s state-funded laboratories.

Six additional studies listing Daszak as an author, which focus on zoonotic viruses, rural communities in southern China, natural reservoirs of SARS-like coronaviruses, coronavirus hosts, paramyxovirus, and Black Death, were written alongside researchers from state-run think tanks and universities including the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The global media has unquestioningly hosted Daszak, his Chinese Communist-aligned talking points, and failed to inform viewers and readers of his multiple conflicts of interest. Daszak has donated to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, and blasted critics of the Chinese Communist Party.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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