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Allen West – Trump’s Texas Torchbearer – Overtakes Governor Abbott. Here’s Why.

A recent poll showed Lt. Col. Allen West dominating the establishment Governor Greg Abbott.


A recent poll showed retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West leading incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott by six points, 38 to 32 percent. It also showed that Abbott’s support has cratered since his peak of 56 percent support in October. This may be a shock to Republicans outside Texas, who may have been fooled by Abbott’s carefully-constructed façade of leadership. 

Abbott has done a decent job of pulling the wool over the eyes of national Republicans and even some Texas conservatives. Ever-ready to puff his chest out to secure a nice photo op before inevitably capitulating, we have observed this on border security, COVID lockdowns, critical race theory, face mask mandates, transgender children, bringing rogue Democrats to justice, and virtually every other issue. Texans are starting to realize that Abbott is just a suit who cares more about his personal ambitions than keeping Texas red. 

Many are now pointing to Abbott’s choice of political director, Mitch Carney, as the reason so many things are going wrong for him. Carney is a long-time operative of the GOP establishment. He served as political director of the Texas GOP when it was RINO-occupied and ran their Volunteer Engagement Project, which helped funnel grassroots enthusiasm into supporting the likes of the disgraced and forgotten former Congressman Will Hurd. He later posed with former George W. Bush chief of staff Karl Rove at a press conference in order to promote his work.

Carney has been an aggressively belligerent Never Trumper throughout the years, lying in the weeds for years as Trump became the most popular Republican politician since Reagan, only to show his true colors at an opportune time: as theFedsurrection’ took place in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020.

On that day and since then, Carney wrote, shared, and liked Tweets on his political account that irrefutably prove he is a compatriot of Reps. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and the other Republican traitors who joined the Democrats to support the illegal and unconstitutional overreach being used as a pretense to rip the Bill of Rights to shreds and enact a war on terror against American patriots.

Carney liked a tweet that said Republican members of Congress should be forced to sign a Soviet-style loyalty oath that would oust them from their democratically-elected positions unless they showed fealty to Biden:

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'Lapdog for Trump' tweet.
‘Lapdog for Trump’ tweet.

In one liked message, Carney demonstrated his belief that January 6th protesters were domestic terrorists and denied the existence of election fraud in the 2020 election:

'Domestic terrorism'
‘Domestic terrorism’

Worse still, older tweets from Carney himself show his history as a Never Trumper:

'Reagan and Trump'
‘Reagan and Trump’
'Stop Trump'
‘Stop Trump’
Anti-Trump news items
Anti-Trump news reporting.
Trump staff insult
Trump staff insult.

Carney’s rise throughout the Texas GOP hierarchy is far from an isolated incident. Abbott has provided safe harbor to RINOs and Never Trumpers by design. Another such case is the Texas Republican Initiative (TRI), a group that consists of some of the most fervent and high-profile Abbott backers in the state. A recent exposé on the group revealed their leadership consists of pro-NAFTA and anti-border wall politicians, Democrat-connected attorneys, and an activist who declared, “Hillary Clinton is right,” in the lead up to the 2016 election. 

Abbott’s “leadership” has been defined by strategically-timed bluster followed by a capitulation that his administration hopes will not attract too much attention. There have, however, been times when Abbott’s unscrupulous, corporate-driven agenda has been demonstrated nakedly to the public, such as in his opposition video to the free speech social media platform, Gab.

Abbott claimed his opposition to the platform was due to its alleged support for anti-Semitism. His real motives are, more likely, because of Abbott’s ties to Big Tech.

Some of the most destructive, anti-worker, America-last corporations on the planet, including Amazon, have been welcomed into Texas by Governor Abbott.

In 2020, he slobbered over the tech overlords as they came to Waco to work on robotics that will likely put thousands more hard-working Americans on the unemployment line.

“Texas continues to thrive as the nation’s premier destination for companies like Amazon thanks to our skilled workforce, diverse economy, and business-friendly model that promotes economic growth. This facility is the latest milestone in the strong partnership between Amazon and Texas, and I look forward to seeing the prosperity this facility will bring to the Waco community,” Abbott said. 

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The Amazon facility will do worse than just displacing American workers to enrich the coffers of the globalist elite. It also signifies the permanent transformation of the fabric of Texas. By inviting Amazon and other tech giants to set up shop across Texas, Abbott has invited Silicon Valley liberals to infest the state and bring with them the corrosive values that have turned once-beautiful California cities into third-world hellscapes. They already dominate Austin, the state capital, and they are moving across the state like locusts, encouraged by Abbott.

Texas is already a state teetering on the edge of going blue. In 2018, Senator Ted Cruz was barely able to stave off a challenge from laughable lightweight Beto O’Rourke. What happens when a formidable, cunning, ruthless Democrat challenger emerges? By that time, Abbott will have already absconded, perhaps landing the job he really wants, in Washington.

Lt. Col. West appears the exact opposite of Abbott.

A renowned firebrand, West was stymied by redistricting orchestrated by establishment Republicans, before relocating to Texas and running for state GOP chairman. Country Club Republicans laughed him off as a relic from the Tea Party era. But the delegates – the core of the Texas GOP – liked what he was talking about. West won in an upset.

Taking out the party machine to become the chairman is no small feat, but unseating a sitting governor is a far bigger task. Abbott has been seen as a rising star, with Fox News never hesitating to give him time to boast about his photo ops. Insiders doubted West’s abilities once, and didn’t learn for the second time. Now, the political advisors, lobbyists, and special interests dominating Austin are in panic mode.

West has emerged as Trump’s torchbearer in Texas, and as he plans his 2024 run, Trump needs a leader like West in Texas – one who will have his back on crucial issues like border security, rather than just offering lip service like Abbott. West took the reins of the Texas GOP from Abbott once before when he became party chairman, and he is poised to do so once more in this year’s gubernatorial primary. Texas, America, and the Republican Party will all be stronger as a result.

Gavin Wax

Gavin Wax is the 76th President of the New York Young Republican Club.

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