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COVID Positive? In South Korea, You Might Be Barred From Voting.


Individuals forced to quarantine at-home due to COVID-19 may be unable to vote in South Korea’s upcoming presidential election.

“Concerns are mounting over whether COVID-19 patients will be unable to cast their votes for the 20th presidential election, as those confirmed with the virus after the mail-in ballot registration period may be unable to report to voting booths on March 9,” explained the Korea Herald.

The country’s National Election Commission has a five-day window where it’s accepting applications for mail-in ballots, which are available to COVID-19 patients housed in treatment centers and those in isolation or self-quarantine.

“Those who register within the period will be able to receive their ballots in the mail and cast their votes by sending back the ballot to the election authority,” explained the newspaper ahead of the March 9th presidential election.

No measures exist, however, for individuals who contract COVID-19 outside the National Election Commission’s window for accepting mail-in ballot applications.

The issue over the mail-in ballot application window could affect hundreds of thousands of voters, potentially leaving them unable to vote.

“Some have warned that the number of new daily new cases could exceed 100,000 cases next month by the time of the election, which causes worries that hundreds of thousands of voters may not be able to cast their votes on the presidential election,” added the report. The National Election Commission is reportedly discussing measure to respond to the potential crisis.

The concerns over mail-in ballot protocol follow the fraud-rife voting method plaguing America’s 2020 election with irregularities. Establishment media networks have admitted that mail-in voting has led to “high-profile” errors, and the controversial voting method has also caused entire elections to be overturned due to fraud.

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States including New York have opted to keep the voting practice in place throughout 2022 while states including Pennsylvania have seen laws mandating universal vote-by-mail overturned.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is the Lead Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and co-host of The National Pulse podcast.