CODY: Republican Resolutions for the New Year Include Using Power to Pursue the Left, and Recruiting Americans to That Cause.

After years of providing nothing positive, it's time for the GOP to step up, or be eclipsed for a generation.


The Republican Party need to start setting New Year’s resolutions. After a midterm strategy that was as disappointing in its outcome as it was in its execution, the Washington-led GOP needs a long, hard look in the mirror. Currently, a concatenation of terrible decisions happened within the halls of Congress, and on Capitol Hill. Some in that industry think the blame is easily placed on them. It is. But that’s because it is well earned. 

So, instead of relying on the McLeadership to come up with their own “fix” for these issues, we’ve done it for them. Starting, as ever, with how much of our hard earned cash is pumped into globalist projects around the world:

  1. Halt Ukrainian aid. All Of It.

After the visitation by green sweatshirt activist and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Republicans on the Hill must be told cease their hero-worship of the man begging the world to go to war and fund his regime for as long as he can milk them, all the while actively rejecting peace talks. If not convinced prior to the conflict, the moment Zelenskyy started silencing media critics, shutting down churches, and banning the political opposition should have given institutional Republicans all the rationale they needed to pursue peace. By now, Congress has given well over $50 billion of your money, with much unaccounted for. The first step of a new session of the House of Representatives should be to show the American people they will be far more fiscally hawkish, and far less war hawkish than the ousted Democrats were.

2. The Power of Positivity.

Republicans are adept at critiquing the opposition. There’s lots of money to be made from attack ads, and a certain political romance to it all. But it’s a cop out to only point at inflation, gas prices, and Democrat overspending. It’s right to give these issues top billing, as they on the average American voter’s mind daily. The problem was they didn’t really offer anything in the way of positive solutions. There was no “hook” to it all. No catchphrase, no slogan, no “Build Back Better” of our own. Believe it or not, those things resonate. If it’s not a plan it at least sounds like a plan. And if you are only presenting the problem and not the solution, you will never convincingly win the national debate. The best you can hope for is an own goal.

3. Use The Power You Have.

Democrats always use their power. Republicans rarely do. So the final resolution for the year must be just that. Using newfound power to challenge the structures and established control mechanisms imposed by Democrats, but not just Democrats. Republicans who abuse their electorates must also continue to be pursued politically, as the successful removal of the Kinzingers, Cheneys, and Will Hurds of the world showed us. 

House Republicans holding higher entities accountable is politics. There’s no point of politics without this work, through committees, investigations, leadership battles, and the offices of Members.

Some House GOP members are already pursuing this strategy through the advocacy of a committee on the influential power the Chinese Communist Party, as well as a rumored redux of the Church Committee, which would serve for oversight of federal government entities such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA. The House GOP is rightly at odds over whether they will allow Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House. All of these fights are required, frankly to win the Republican apparatus some credibility back after recent months. 

Bold, decisive action might finally wake some of the independents who have been buying the psy-ops and muddling along with the globalist playbook for decades now. We all know them. The people who still somehow think the Iraq invasion was a good idea or a resounding success. The people who say, “I liked Trump, I just wish he would tweet less,” or the people who describe themselves as “fiscally conservative but socially liberal.” Increasingly, they are far less of the latter.

If the Republican Party follows through and paints with bold colors, they will finally, contemporaneously, prove their worth in governance. By following up the resolutions provided, they can regain American political trust at a faster pace than their opponents.

Raheem Kassam contributed to this article.

Kenny Cody

Kenny Cody is a conservative columnist and activist from Northeast Tennessee, who serves as Chairman for the Cocke County (TN) Republican Party & Southern Regional Director for the Republicans for National Renewal.

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