Frank Underwood for President?

Last night, many of us were surprised to see this ad from an apparently new contender for president, who fits right into the Washington establishment: “America, I am only getting started,” Frank Underwood intones. A brilliant little piece of creative marketing? A


Rubio Takes a Lesson from Trump’s Playbook

Maggie, this is essentially the same pitch that Donald Trump is making: “Trust me, I’ll have a plan for (insert issue). It’s gonna be great. It’ll be better than ever.” He’s betting on his brand. I think Marco Rubio is betting his


What Trump Must Do at Tuesday’s Debate

This will be the first debate without Donald Trump as “The Inevitable.” What the past few weeks have shown us is that Ted Cruz has built an impressively solid ground game in Iowa (and elsewhere), that Marco Rubio hasn’t, and that Ben


Is Cruz Really the New Front Runner?

A piece today by Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post posits that, while Ted Cruz may not be the current Republican front runner, he’s the candidate most likely to win the nomination. He then lists four reasons why, and there’s not a


Rubio Pivots to Take Aim at Cruz

With 55 days remaining until the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus begins to help sort out front-runners from also-rans, Senator Marco Rubio has signaled a significant shift in his campaign approach and begun trading paint with the now-surging Senator Ted Cruz. A Sunday, December 6, New


Trump and Carson Draw Different GOP Crowds

A Nov. 1 edition of the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire points out an intriguing perspective to the en vogue Establishment vs. Conservative narrative of the GOP Primary. Citing a recent WSJ/NBC News Poll they highlight a strong disparity in the support of