The GOP Must Act Quickly and Decisively on Planned Parenthood

The GOP health care bill, which would have repealed Obamacare and replaced it with the American Health Care Act (AHCA), was withdrawn from the House floor without a vote last Friday after Speaker Paul Ryan failed to achieve a consensus. As The New York Times reported prior to the bill being pulled, President Trump had hoped for an immediate vote on health care, pass or fail, so he could move on to other priorities, such as tax reform. Included in the AHCA was a plan to divert funding away from Planned Parenthood toward better women’s health care providers, including Community Health

No, Trump and the GOP Are Not Backing Down on Social Issues

A recent piece in the Washington Examiner accuses President Trump of abandoning social issues and thereby, the Republican Party of “rebranding” itself. This could not be further from reality. We have never seen an administration so actively engaged in social issues in its first two months. Traditionally, it has been the practice of Republican leaders to give grand speeches on the social reforms they support to please their base, meanwhile doing nothing to actually get these reforms in place. While this rhetoric makes conservatives feel inspired, it means nothing without their corresponding action. During his first three weeks in office,

President Trump’s Superb Speech Ignored One Crucial Issue

President Trump gave a great speech last night. Over and over, he has gone out of his way to prove himself as a man of his word: what he promised during the campaign, he is going to deliver, and for the most part that is what he told the American people in his first address to Congress. But in his non-State of the Union address last night, two words that were a core part of his campaign commitment to the American people were curiously absent: Common Core. Ending Common Core was one of Trump’s earliest and most persistent campaign promises.

Trump Is Standing Up to the Media Bullies — And Winning

President Donald Trump is beating the media, and it’s about damn time. For years, there’s been a real detriment to conservatives that’s never been confronted by any Republican leader, at least not to this extent. That’s including former President George W. Bush. And the great thing is, Trump is winning on it. In yesterday’s episode of “The Media Misses the Point,” the latest WSJ/NBC poll showed that just over half of Americans think the media has been too critical of the Trump administration, and 53 percent think that the media is exaggerating the problems within the Trump White House. So,

McCrory Didn’t Lose Because HB 2 Was a “Social Issue”

Today, North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory announced he would be conceding the state’s gubernatorial race to Democratic Gov.-elect Roy Cooper, bringing an end to several weeks of recounts and investigations into alleged cases of voter fraud. Despite his defeat, conservatives should applaud Gov. Pat McCrory for standing up for what is right. He refused to back down from corporate bullies and progressive lynch mobs, and because of his steadfastness, he became Public Enemy Number Two this election cycle for the Left. Ultimately, they got their scalp only by the narrowest of margins. While McCrory’s defeat is disappointing, there are

Six Days Left: Trump Has a Lot of Outs

When poker players are drawing to a straight or a flush, they will often talk about having a certain number of “outs” — i.e. how many cards are left in the deck that can make their hand, allowing them to win the pot. Donald Trump doesn’t have a winning hand yet, but he has a lot of outs. Last Thursday night, we wrote at Townhall about Donald Trump’s easier-than-you-think path to 270 electoral votes. We explained that Trump could get to 265 by winning Utah, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina. At the time, this still seemed like a

After Obamacare Bombshell, Polls Show Trump Gaining

In my post yesterday, I speculated that news of skyrocketing insurance premiums under Obamacare might spur a further surge in the polls for Donald Trump. The newest polling numbers being released now seem to confirm this. On RealClearPolitics, the six national polls which were taken either during or after October 25th (the day after the Obamacare news broke) show Trump’s gap to Hillary Clinton down to 3.5 points in a two-way race. When expanded to a four-way race, seven polls show Clinton’s lead even smaller — only 3.1 points. When the media focus is on Clinton and the Democrats, Trump is

Trump’s Path to 270 Is Easier Than You Think

“It’s over. Trump can’t win.” That’s the narrative the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media have relentlessly promoted over the past several days. The problem with that narrative is that it is a bald-faced lie. This election is nowhere near over. Not even close! Let’s take a look at the electoral map. Remember, to become the next president of the United States, Trump needs to win 270 electoral votes. Conversely, he needs to hold Hillary Clinton to 269 electoral votes because, with a Republican House of Representatives, a 269-269 tie is likely to also result in a Trump presidency. Trump’s baseline

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