Biased or Not, New Polls Show a Tightening Race

Amidst all the controversy over whether recent polling of the presidential race has been under-representing Republican voters or over-representing other groups (such as black voters), a more important story is being lost in the noise. There has been a significant amount of

Paul Ryan or Donald Trump: Who Represents the GOP?

Check out this poll released today by Bloomberg. When Republican voters were asked whether Donald Trump or Paul Ryan better matches their own view of what the GOP should stand for, they responded as follows:   Republican leaders should take this result


Why Is No One Talking About This Swing State?

Don’t look now, but in the last few weeks the electoral map has shifted significantly in favor of Donald Trump. Paul Dupont wrote here yesterday about Trump’s updated path to victory and how he currently needs only one more state to push


How Giant Meteor of Death Can Become President

Are you dreading the overwhelming probability that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become president? Here’s a long-shot scenario to raise your spirits. Many of us are big supporters of the Giant Meteor of Death, a candidate who has promised to

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