Trump Fails Most Consistent Campaign Promise

The Donald Trump brand is to win. To do that, he has claimed that he will assemble “the best people.” When he won New Hampshire, Trump declared about his staff: “. . . they were all out today and it was amazing. . . So thank you, Hope and Corey and the entire staff. Incredible job.” Mr. Trump has made it clear that his strongest promise is to win the election, and his knowledge of strategy and the skill of his people will be the vehicle for doing so. Enter the GOP delegate selection process. The reality star turned presidential

Prof. Robert George Endorses Ted Cruz

On Thursday, America’s “most influential conservative Christian thinker” announced his support for Sen. Ted Cruz in the GOP primary race. Professor Robert George once taught Sen. Cruz when Cruz was a student at Princeton University, where Prof. George holds the McCormick Professorship of Jurisprudence. George has more than personal reasons to support Cruz, however, as he has made his opposition to front runner Donald Trump clear in “An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics,” a National Review article slamming Donald Trump as “manifestly unfit to be president of the United States.” Prof. George praised Cruz’s dedication to the founding principles of

Donald Trump Opts Out of CPAC

After Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate, CPAC would have been a perfect opportunity for Donald Trump to change the primary conversation. Sadly for conference-goers, the front runner won’t be present. In a statement posted to Facebook on Friday afternoon, the Trump campaign said this: The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign has just announced it will be in Wichita, Kansas for a major rally on Saturday prior to Caucus. He will also be speaking at the Kansas Caucus and then departing for Orlando, Florida and a crowd of approximately 20,000 people or more.  Because of this, he will not be able

Planned Parenthood Attacks Kasich for Signing Defund Bill in Ohio

Perhaps lost in the noise of the South Carolina primary, Governor John Kasich brought the pro-life movement a significant victory in Ohio. On Sunday, Kasich signed a bill that “effectively defunds Planned Parenthood in his state.” The summary of the bill, HB 294, states that the General Assembly of Ohio moves “…to require the Department of Health to ensure that state funds and certain federal funds are not used either to perform or promote nontherapeutic abortions,” effectively removing $1.3 million in state grants. Kasich signed the bill after it was approved by both the state Senate and House of Representatives

How Can Rubio Recover?

Before the New Hampshire polls close tomorrow night, Marco Rubio should do two things — first, he should clarify his “robo line,” and second, he should move on from it. Although Chris Christie hounded Rubio on Saturday night for repeating the same line about Barack Obama several times, Rubio had the right point but the wrong delivery. Rubio needed to clarify that it’s what separates him from Obama that voters should focus on, not what makes them similar. Yes, they were both first term senators when they decided to run for office — but President Obama has been operating off of his liberal values, and

Clinton Campaign Comforts Backers

On Monday night, Iowa was surprised to find that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were locked in a literal 50-50 battle for Democratic voters.  Now, the Associated Press marks the official results as Clinton – 49.9 percent, and Sanders – 49.6 percent (with Martin O’Malley taking 0.6 percent before dropping out of the race altogether). The race was so close that, in an unusual scene even for American politics, six separate coin flips were needed to decide where the last remaining delegates would be assigned. So in a race that close, why is the Clinton campaign acting as if they’ve

Donald Trump Explodes on Twitter About His Loss in Iowa…

Donald Trump took a 13-hour break from Twitter after Monday’s Iowa caucus results where he finished second to Senator Ted Cruz. But now he’s back and . . . oh boy: My experience in Iowa was a great one. I started out with all of the experts saying I couldn’t do well there and ended up in 2nd place. Nice — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 2, 2016 Okay, good start Donald. Very classy. Because I was told I could not do well in Iowa, I spent very little there – a fraction of Cruz & Rubio. Came in a

Dear Sarah Palin: This Is Not the Candidate You Are Looking For

Yesterday in Iowa, Sarah Palin announced her endorsement of Donald Trump in a twenty-minute speech that rejected the legacy of President Barack Obama and identified Trump as the agent of change for American conservatives. Mr. Trump, for his part, looked the part of dignified, honored candidate, standing next to former Governor Palin with a large smile as she declared her support. As a former vice-presidential candidate and tea-party favorite, many see Sarah Palin as one who brings conservative legitimacy to Trump’s candidacy. During her endorsement speech, Palin demonstrated her awareness of both the Trump talking points as well as the reasons

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