Hate Hoax: Man Who Reported ‘Racist Graffiti’ Arrested For Fraud

Despite the left’s insistence that the raison d’être of America is racism, yet another “Trump-inspired” hate crime is turning out to be a hoax. In Jussie Smollett fashion, Mississippi resident Trumaine Foster reported that racially-charged expletives were spray-painted on two of his vehicles on February 4th. The graffiti allegedly included references to Donald Trump as well. According to reports, the first vehicle, a pickup truck, had “N******” spray-painted on it twice. His second vehicle, a sedan, was defaced with with ‘Leave N******’ and ‘Trump.’   Although police refrained from publicly attributing responsibility for the graffiti to Foster, they charged him with

Banking App Bans Employee Use Of ‘Blacklist,’ ‘Hey Guys,’ and ‘Elephant In The Room’

Monzo, a British neobank loved by millennials, has banned its employees from using terms like “blacklist,” “elephant in the room,” and “hey guys” in pursuit of “openness and inclusivity.” The banking giant, which has over 40,000 people open an account every week, released a “tone of voice” guide that instructs its employees on the company’s vernacular. The guide itself is unbearably “millennial” in a variety of ways: it offers advice on emoji usage, instructs against using formal words, and strives to craft a tone that’s “open, inclusive and welcoming to everyone.”   And it also takes a deep dive into

Starbucks Funds Trans Group Whose Founder Took Teenage Son To Thailand For Sex Change

Starbucks has partnered with Mermaids, a transgender advocacy group whose agenda is as radical as the founder’s decision to take her 16 year old son to Thailand for a sex change operation. The campaign is part of the company’s broader initiative to be a “safe space” for the transgender community, illustrated by a recent advertisement highlighting the struggle of a teenager “Gemma” who wants to be called “James.” The campaign – currently exclusive to the United Kingdom – aims to raise nearly $130,000 for the organization by donating $.65 for every cookie sold: “Starbucks is proud to be launching a

Legal Immigration Decreases For First Time in Decades

The Trump administration is responsible for the first substantial decrease of legal immigration to the United States in decades. Recently-released Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data reporting the number of people “obtaining lawful permanent resident status” between 2016 and 2018 shows a decline of nearly seven percent – almost 87,000 people. Overall, the number fell from 1,183,505 individuals becoming naturalized during Obama’s final year in office to 1,096,611 by the middle of President Trump’s first term.   The largest reduction occurred for “immediate relatives of U.S. citizens” where 87,745 fewer immigrants were granted citizenship, a nearly 15 percent drop. “Family-sponsored

Parents Sue To Stop Schools Hiding Their Kids’ Gender Dysphoria

Wisconsin’s second-largest school district so far won’t back off a policy of keeping minor students’ transgender experimentation secret from their parents despite a new lawsuit filed Tuesday. A group of parents represented by Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty sued after the Madison Metropolitan School District refused to alter its policy of concealing childrens’ transgender behavior and related medical records from parents, no matter how young the child is. The district oversees children as young as preschoolers, and teaches gender identity politics to all ages, which research suggests may contribute to children identifying as transgender. Among other things, the district’s policy at

Britain’s Government Health Service Could Deny Treatment to Patients Deemed ‘Racist,’ or ‘Homophobic’

As the left pushes America towards government healthcare, news has emerged that patients deemed “racist,” “sexist,” or “homophobic” by the government in the United Kingdom could be denied medical care in facilities around the country. The policy – set to be implemented in April – expands upon the “rights” of medical professionals to refuse “non-critical” services to those deemed “homophobic, sexist or racist.” The addition of the language that previously allowed medical professionals to refuse services to those being verbally or physically abusive is coupled with broader authority for British police and the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate and prosecute

STUDY: ‘Tolerant’ Liberals Less Likely to Befriend Conservatives Than Vice Versa

The ‘tolerant’ left is not so tolerant after all: liberals were considerably more likely to be averse to associating with members from the opposite political party than conservatives, according to a recent university study. The “Free Expression and Constructive Dialogue” report by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed that 23.4 percent of “self-identified liberals” were unwilling to be friends with someone from across the aisle, over eight times more than the three percent of “self-identified conservatives” who felt the same way. Thirty-five percent of liberals were opposed to rooming with conservatives, nearly six times more than the

SCHWEPPE: A Small-Government Solution To America’s Big Tech Problem

Big Tech has a serious censorship problem. President Trump announced last July that the White House had received more than 16,000 credible reports from users alleging they had been wrongfully censored or barred from access to digital platforms. Every major platform, from Twitter to TikTok, has been involved in multiple high-profile controversies that call their moderation practices into question. Even the trustworthiness of Google Search is now in doubt after investigative reporting by the Wall Street Journal found incidents of blacklisting, algorithm tweaks, and manual meddling with certain “incendiary” search results. Despite enormous evidence of partisan tomfoolery, the Big Tech companies want you to suspend your