Sanders Used to Call Open Borders a ‘Koch Brothers Proposal’; Now He’ll ‘Look At’ Tearing Down Trump’s Wall

Bernie Sanders has given ‘tear down this wall’ a whole new meaning. The 2020 Presidential candidate remarked during the VICE News Brown & Black Democrat Presidential Forum that he would “look at” taking down down existing border wall. The interviewer asks: “You said the wall is symbolic and represents […] , so wouldn’t it be proper to tear that symbol down in order to achieve that?” Sanders responds: “It may be, but you know, it’s how much is it going to cost to tear it down. Should you do that, tear it down? I don’t know. Maybe the answer is

Biden: ‘I’d Put Ankle Bracelets on Kids’

Instead of detention, presidential candidate Joe Biden is threatening to put ankle bracelets on children as well as the adults who accompany them over the border illegally. The “moderate” Democrat of the party’s 2020 primary also stated he would end illegal immigrant detention “totally across the board.” The remarks were made at the VICE News Brown & Black Democrat Presidential Forum: The former veep is asked: “How exactly would you detain immigrants, if at all, in a Biden administration?” Biden responds: “The way we did when we reformed the system with DACA. I would not retain them behind bars. They

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