2016ers Should Take Note: Top Teachers Reject Common Core

Joy Pullman had an excellent piece this week in The Federalist highlighting some of our nation’s best teachers and their opposition to the Common Core. Any candidate considering a bid for the presidency should be looking closely at the grassroots movement opposing the


Just Audit the Darn Thing

It has $4 trillion in holdings…close to one quarter of the U.S. GDP. The markets flip out anytime it even hints at making a move. It enabled the housing bubble and, in large part, the Great Recession that followed its bust. It


Christie v. Walker on Life

In a CPAC interview with Laura Ingraham and from the main stage, Gov. Chris Christie demonstrated he knows you have to fight to get the GOP nomination, and if he goes down, he’s going down swinging, according to a personal communication: I’m


Jindal Refuses to “Evolve” on Marriage

Well, that was quick.  A few days ago, I asked if former Gov. Mike Huckabee would be the only candidate to speak forcefully for marriage. Then, on Feb. 10, Gov. Jindal told CNN firmly and clearly he won’t be “evolving” on marriage and


Will Huckabee Stand Alone?

So far in the GOP race for 2016, there has been only one candidate to stand up strongly in the last few weeks and months against the new raging political correctness that has completely overtaken the gay marriage and religious freedom debate:

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