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NY’s Young Republicans Lead The Way Again With Peaceful Pro-Trump Protest in Lower Manhattan.


NEW YORK – Over a hundred conservative-leaning demonstrators gathered at the Collect Pond Park in Lower Manhattan Monday evening, intent on showing support for embattled former President Donald J. Trump, who is expected to be indicted by New York County District attorney over the matter of “hush money” payments to former pornographic actress “Stormy Daniels”. Trump, who called for demonstrations on his Truth Social account this week while hinting at a Tuesday indictment, is widely expected to be prosecuted over a long-alleged, low-level business misdemeanor. In defense of the 45th President of the United States, protestors gathered in the shadow

CODY: The Complacent Can Look to Tennessee to Confront Transgender Ideology.

The innocence of American children is at risk, as far-leftists continue their unholy crusade to brainwash the minds of minors with revisionist history, transgender ideology, and psychological warfare against traditional, moral values. The state of Tennessee is currently setting the example on legislation that matters. In autumn, state officials rebuked the Vanderbilt University Medical Center for performing and promoting genital mutilation surgeries. This led to “The Rally to End Child Mutilation” held in Nashville, featuring state legislators, federal officials, and conservative personality Matt Walsh. A coalition against what the far-left calls “gender-affirming care” was established, and garnered immediate national attention. The

What Shrinking U.S. Life Expectancy May Be Telling Us About the Pandemic Response.

Life expectancy in the US dropped for the second consecutive year in 2021, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At 76.4 years for a person born in 2021, life expectancy is now the lowest it’s been in a quarter century, since 1996. For American men, life expectancy fell by over eight months; for women, by seven months. The figure fell for every age category in the nation over the age of one. At the turn of the twentieth century, life expectancy in the US was just 47 years. The figure rose to 68 years by

MORE MIGRANTS! – Move Over ‘The Great Replacement’, The ‘Great Replenishment’ Is the New Plan to Flood Rural Areas with Cheap Labor.

The UK government wants migrants to spend at least five years living in rural parts of the country, as a way to combat depopulation and “replenish” aging communities. Migrants to Western countries like the UK usually prefer to settle in urban areas, leading the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to believe special measures are needed to ensure rural areas do not miss out on the “benefits of diversity”. These special measures were set out in the MAC’s new annual report published at the beginning of December. The measures are aimed, in particular, at contributing to the government’s bizarrely monikered “levelling-up


The Great Reset In Action: Dutch Govt Plan to Shutter 3,000 Farms Heralds a New Era for Corporate Control.

The government of the Netherlands has announced plans to force the sale and closure of 3,000 farms in order to meet strict new environmental guidelines put in place by the European Union. Although the purchases will apparently be made on generous terms of up to 120 percent of the farms’ value, the Dutch government has already made clear that purchases will be mandated, if required. “There is no better offer coming,” Christianne van der Wal – Minister for Nature and Nitrogen – told Dutch Members of Parliament last week. Compulsory purchases would be made with “pain in the heart”, the


The Anatomy of a Grifter: How D.C. Lobby Groups & Their Foreign Flunkies Are Lashing Out Against Trump and His Allies, Despite Riding Their Coat Tails.

On November 20th 2022, the viciously left-wing New York Daily News published a rare article by a self-identifying though broadly unknown “conservative” by the name of Grace Bydalek. Finding column inches in storied, national or regional newspapers can be close to impossible for even moderate right-wingers, which is why the recent, scathing column by Bydalek – whose only other outing in the Daily News was to excuse the cover-up of child sexual assault allegations leveled at Michael Jackson – took readers by surprise. Bydalek – described in her byline as a “writer, performer, and administrator” – appears to enjoy the

DENTON: Apple May Soon Have to Choose Between China’s WeChat, and Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Elon Musk recently revealed that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store. Two days later, after meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Musk tweeted that the threat was simply a misunderstanding. Musk’s free speech aspirations for Twitter appear to be what put the company in Apple’s crosshairs. While Musk may have dodged a bullet this time, the prospect of a ruinous delisting will loom as long as Apple’s duopoly (alongside Google) over the app market endures. This control has made Apple one of the most powerful gatekeepers of the internet. Abuse of Power. Since Musk’s Twitter acquisition,

CODY: Tennessee Republicans Humiliate Cultural Marxists and Win Elections, Here’s How…

Evidently, the Republican Party has a voter turnout and motivation problem. In these past mid term elections, Democrats did not turn out in record numbers, but rather, Republicans failed to drive out their base, and failed to convince independents to vote for them. Republican often ran on nothing more than generic campaign talking points and headlines that quickly sounded like white noise to already exhausted likely voters. Many have looked to Florida or New York for best practice, or how their Republican tickets united to win groundbreaking races across their respective states. But in terms of solid, national conservative policy

Why Enoch was Right.

Perhaps my mixed heritage provides me with a different perspective on the topic of immigration. My father’s family is from Jamaica, originally Nigeria, and my mother’s family is from England. I am, therefore, ethnically half Afro-Caribbean and half English. Most liberals would defend my father’s family in their right to self-determination, whether in Jamaica or in Africa. Why, then, do they not afford my mother’s family the same privilege? Surely, all countries should be able to have a conversation about national security, borders and immigration levels. Not only is it in their best interest, but it is also the job


‘SPERMAGEDDON’: Humanity May be Functionality Infertile by 2050, New Study Warns.

Massively declining sperm counts are a global problem, according to new research that has evident implications for the survival of the natural human race. Current trends in sperm counts, if extrapolated, suggest that, as early as 2050, the species may have trouble reproducing. The median man will have a sperm count of zero, meaning that one half of all men will produce no sperm at all, and the other half will produce so few as to be functionally infertile. Researchers have further corroborated prior information gained on sperm counts in North America, Europe, and Australia, revealing the decline in sperm

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