Trump: Jeb Bush Unelectable Due to Common Core Stance

During his February 27th appearance at CPAC, Donald Trump was asked about his stance on Common Core. He told Sean Hannity that he felt, “Common Core is bad. Bad.” He went further, drawing a contrast between himself and Jeb Bush on the issue,

Ben Carson Criticizes Common Core at CPAC

During the Q&A portion of his CPAC remarks on February 26th, Dr. Ben Carson was asked about his views on education and Common Core. His response was: “I think, as I mentioned before, education is the great divide in this country. It

NYT: Scott Walker Changes Tone on Social Issues

On February 23, The New York Times reported on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s reluctance to speak on social issues. It also notes Gov. Walker’s tendency to tailor his message to the group he’s speaking to, an example of this being the stark

Cruz Jabs Bush on Common Core

On February 22, Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance in Jacksonville, Fla. During his remarks, Sen. Cruz made it clear that he had “significant policy disagreements” with former Gov. Jeb Bush on Common Core. This was just the most recent in a

Rand Paul: Common Core a Potential Liability for Jeb Bush

While campaigning in Florida on February 21, Rand Paul spoke to Breitbart‘s Matthew Boyle. In the interview, Paul raised concerns that Jeb Bush’s support of Common Core would cause major electability problems for Bush within the Republican base. Paul was quoted as saying,

Santorum Pushes for New GOP Economic Message

While speaking at a Missouri Republican Party event on February 21, former Senator Rick Santorum advocated for moving away from the GOP’s “tired message” on economics and instead adopted a more “caring” one. He stated, in particular, that Republicans should avoid exclusively

Christie Speaks in Favor of PARCC Testing

The Wall Street Journal reports that after an event in New Hampshire last week, Chris Christie was asked about the state-mandated PARCC testing, which is affiliated with the Common Core standards. Despite his previously stated “grave concerns” with Common Core, Christie was

Fiorina on Fox News: I am Pro-Life

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was interviewed by Fox News’ Bret Baier on February 19 during a segment on presidential contenders. When Baier asked her about her views on abortion, she told Baier, “I am pro-life. And the majority of Americans are coming