Carson Tells Hannity He Won’t Talk About Same-Sex Marriage Anymore

After the media fallout from his CNN interview in which he stated he believes homosexuality is a choice, Dr. Ben Carson says he has decided not to talk about same-sex marriage anymore. While speaking of the CNN interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Carson said: First of all, it was a 25-minute interview, they chopped — and you see what part they emphasized. We talked about some really important things, none of that was brought up. But, I did learn something very important, for certain networks, never do a pre-taped interview…” When asked about his decision to avoid discussing same-sex marriage

Christie Defends PARCC Testing at Town Hall Event reported on a town hall event New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held in Fair Lawn, NJ on March 4th, which Christie mentioned during his CPAC Q&A with Laura Ingraham. Christie was quoted as telling town hall attendees: “I’m not going to kill PARCC before we even take PARCC.” He reportedly urged parents not to opt their children out of PARCC testing, so it could act as a barometer of whether parents were “getting their money’s worth” from public schools. Christie was also quoted as saying, “When the results come back, I may have grave concerns about PARCC… I’m not yet

Scott Walker Reaffirms Pro-Life Views

On March 3rd, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wrote an open letter to the Susan B. Anthony List. In the letter, Walker touted his pro-life credentials, and pledged to sign a bill, if it made it to his desk in Wisconsin, that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The letter can be read in its entirety here.

Jeb Bush Talks Common Core at CPAC

During his Q&A session with Sean Hannity at CPAC on February 27th, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was asked about his stance on education, and specifically on Common Core. The Q&A exchange was as follows: Sean Hannity (11:16): Let me ask you—I know the second big issue that always comes up when you read about Governor Jeb Bush is the issue of Common Core. Um, it was interesting, I didn’t know until I was researching you, that you were the first governor to institute vouchers in the country. It was eventually overruled by the Supreme Court of Florida, but you

Trump: Jeb Bush Unelectable Due to Common Core Stance

During his February 27th appearance at CPAC, Donald Trump was asked about his stance on Common Core. He told Sean Hannity that he felt, “Common Core is bad. Bad.” He went further, drawing a contrast between himself and Jeb Bush on the issue, stating: “Jeb Bush he’s in favor of Common Core…Think of it for a second: In favor of Common Core… I don’t see him winning. I don’t see there’s any way.” Trump’s entire appearance at CPAC can be viewed below:

Ben Carson Criticizes Common Core at CPAC

During the Q&A portion of his CPAC remarks on February 26th, Dr. Ben Carson was asked about his views on education and Common Core. His response was: “I think, as I mentioned before, education is the great divide in this country. It doesn’t matter what your ethnic background or any other background: you get a good education, you write your own ticket. Now, the best education is the education that is closest to home. And I’ve found, for instance: home schoolers do the best. Private schoolers: next best. Charter schoolers: next best. And public schoolers: worst. So that’s why we

NYT: Scott Walker Changes Tone on Social Issues

On February 23, The New York Times reported on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s reluctance to speak on social issues. It also notes Gov. Walker’s tendency to tailor his message to the group he’s speaking to, an example of this being the stark differences between his abortion messages while running for governor and while campaigning in Iowa. He doesn’t change his positions, but he reframes them based on time and place. The story notes that it may be difficult to win the social conservatives over, when he has a history of de-emphasizing social issues: A few weeks before the November election,

Cruz Jabs Bush on Common Core

On February 22, Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance in Jacksonville, Fla. During his remarks, Sen. Cruz made it clear that he had “significant policy disagreements” with former Gov. Jeb Bush on Common Core. This was just the most recent in a series of jabs at Bush over Common Core from other GOP hopefuls. You can read the full story on Cruz here.