In a particularly disturbing new video released by The Center for Medical Progress early this morning, a former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, Dr. DeShawn Taylor, is shown disclosing a number of gruesome details regarding what she’s learned from the abortions she’s performed: She explains, “It’s not a matter of how I feel […]

Kellyanne Conway Is an Icon

by Maggie Gallagher

This is the week Kellyanne Conway, a Jersey beauty queen, took Manhattan. She looks at you wide-eyed and laughing from the cover of New York magazine where Olivia Nuzzi points out the obvious: “Kellyanne Conway Is a Star. Not your star, perhaps. But that’s the point.” Nuzzi calls her “[m]ore what the press expected Ivanka to […]

Students for Life, a national pro-life organization with over 714 chapters on college campuses, has launched several campaigns in an effort to communicate their pro-life message amidst a nation-wide fight to defund Planned Parenthood. This includes a documentary on abortion which will be shown at over 100 college and medical school campuses, as well as […]

Professor Allison Stanger, injured by a mob at Middlebury College who were angry that scholar Charles Murray was allowed to speak, was one of the first to sign on to the Princeton Declaration on Free Speech co-authored by Professors Robert George and Cornel West, from the right and left. But she was far from the […]

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced earlier this week they are launching a project to convince the NCAA to restrict sports championship events — such as March Madness tournament games — to liberal-leaning states. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation (GLAAD), and Lambda Legal have all signed onto the […]

Two Christian Princeton professors, Robert George and Cornel West, men of the right and left respectively, have come together in the wake of the Middlebury mob’s physical assault on two scholars to issue a ringing Princeton declaration in favor of free speech: Our willingness to listen to and respectfully engage those with whom we disagree […]

When I saw the stories the Paul Ehrlich had attended a recent Vatican science conference, I was astonished. No, not because he has advocated for mandatory population control, including coercive contraception. But because of all the people in the world who predict Catholic values will result in the destruction of “The Earth” as we know […]

At least three school districts decided to close their schools today in solidarity with the “Day Without a Woman” general strike going on around the country in honor of International Women’s Day. The protest is one of many organized by feminists following President Trump assuming office. The Alexandria City (Va.), Prince George’s (Md.), and Chapel-Hill […]

Twitter Censors Mother Teresa

by Diana Valentine

This morning, Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, took to Twitter to put out a number of pro-life ads in recognition of International Women’s Day. While she was able to post several of these ads without issue, Twitter decided to censor one of the ads — one that depicts Mother Teresa […]

At last night’s Academy Awards, Martin Scorsese’s Silence was passed over by Hollywood, which refused even to nominate his astonishing film about Jesuit missionaries in Japan for an Oscar, other than one lone nomination for cinematography. Perhaps more surprisingly, Scorsese’s Silence was also overlooked — nay, even scorned and denounced — by much of the Catholic […]

Conservative, College Student Silenced on Campus

If you are a student on a college campus, there’s a very high likelihood you’re having your free speech rights violated — especially if you’re a conservative. Yesterday, on the first day of #CPAC2017, I attended a lecture called “Understanding Your Rights On Campus” given by Casey Mattox, senior counsel and Director of the Center […]

An international team of researchers based in England have released an incredible video that shows a 20-week-old unborn baby in the womb in stunning high definition. They are calling it the clearest ultrasound ever taken. In the video, the unborn baby moves rapidly, turning her head and taking big stretches in her mom’s belly. The […]


All of this demonizing and otherizing is getting exhausting.

A disturbing story from Great Britain: a Christian foster couple who by all accounts had lovingly cared for foster children was asked by social workers to help prepare the children for living with a same-sex couple. They expressed concerns about this because the children were looking forward to having a new mummy. And then they […]

Apparently, if you’re from North Carolina and believe that there are only two genders — male and female, just to clarify — then you’re an “antiquated” bigot who is potentially costing your neighbors jobs and economic opportunity in the hundreds of millions of dollars. At least, that’s according to columnist Corinne Jurney. That’s right. […]

The Al Smith Dinner usually specializes in self-deprecating humor by the candidates, but while some of that was on display last night, both Hillary and Trump used the occasion also to try to land a few body blows. Trump’s efforts got widely reported because the audience booed. But Hillary basically accused Trump of treason: “Now, […]

At DePaul University in Chicago, it is now impossible to be both pro-life and pro-black lives — at least according the university’s president. Last week, Fr. Dennis Holtschneider silenced the DePaul College Republicans, halting use of their proposed “Unborn Lives Matter” campaign on campus. In a letter explaining his decision, Holtschneider claimed, “Yet there will […]

Pew Research Center released a poll on Wednesday that surveys American attitudes on religious freedom and “gender identity,” and the results were generally encouraging — 48 percent of Americans support the principles behind the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), and 46 percent of Americans believe biological men do not belong in women’s bathrooms.   Given the left-leaning […]

I can imagine it now: a pre-convention strategy session of Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood strategists at a table over salad in a beautiful penthouse conference room trying to figure out what Hillary Clinton’s song will be for the DNC. “’That Girl Is on Fire’?” “No, that was Carly’s.” “’Roar’ by Katy Perry?” “No, too […]

(Editor’s note: On the occasion of the canonization of Mother Teresa, we reprint a 2013 column from Ralph Benko, our senior advisor, economics, from about his 1979 personal encounter with her.) My close encounter with Mother Teresa was a chance one, in 1979.  This chance encounter taught me everything I know about good macroeconomic […]