Hillary Clinton Jabs Trump at LGBT Event: “We Need to Resist…” (VIDEO)

April 21, 2017

by Diana Valentine

In the months following her 2016 election loss, former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had stayed relatively quiet on the issues facing the candidate who defeated her, Donald Trump. However, in the past month, Clinton has finally broken her silence and recommenced her attacks on the President.

On Thursday night, she laid into President Trump and the Republican Party for their stances on LGBT-related issues. Clinton addressed the audience at LGBT-organization The Center’s fundraising dinner, warning of the dangers posed by the Trump administration. She proclaimed:

We’ve learned something important: that the progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the front lines of, and that we celebrated, and maybe even taken for granted, may not be as secure as we once expected.

She then cited the claim that LGBT individuals will not be counted in the upcoming census, as well as the rescinding of the Title IX guidance regarding transgender students, as examples of the administration’s attacks on the LGBT community, and noted the future of the Supreme Court as a looming threat. “I think we have to face the fact that we may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues,” Clinton remarked.

The former Secretary of State ended her speech with some words of encouragement to those in attendance:

When you feel a little down, when a good friend or a loved one says quit yelling at the television set, just remember, we need to resist, insist, persist, and enlist and make sure our voices and our votes count.

This is not the first attack Clinton has made on President Trump since he took office. Earlier this month, Clinton slammed Trump over his immigration policy regarding Syria, despite agreeing with his decision to order an airstrike after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s apparent deadly use of chemical weapons. “I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America’s doors to them,” Clinton said of the Trump administration at the time.

It seems that despite America’s clearly demonstrated distaste for Clinton, she can’t seem to find solace out of the political spotlight, especially when it comes to the current president.

You can watch Clinton’s full speech from last night below:

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Diana Valentine works for the American Principles Project.

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2 comments on “Hillary Clinton Jabs Trump at LGBT Event: “We Need to Resist…” (VIDEO)”

  • Anna Christiansen says:

    Clinton may have received 3 million more votes than Trump but I don’t believe they were all legal. That is why they don’t want any kind of identification needed to vote. Even our California Senate pro-temp said several of his family could be deported because they have fake papers.

  • jk105 says:

    “It seems that despite America’s clearly demonstrated distaste for Clinton”

    Really? Diane Old Girl needs to go back to grade school and learn math. Nationally Clinton received almost three million more votes than Trump.

    While I am no fan of Clinton, her support of gay people makes her infinitely more moral than Trump.

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