New Poll: Americans Agree Trump Is Beating Media, Democrats

February 28, 2017

by Maggie Gallagher

A new Rasmussen poll suggests that Frank Cannon is right: Donald Trump is winning his war with the media and the Democrats. The attempt to “de-normalize” the Trump administration is failing.

Just 29 percent of likely U.S. voters think it’s better for the country if the Democrats oppose President Trump in every way possible. Sixty-three percent say Democrats should work with President Trump instead.

Strikingly, even a plurality of Democrats (46 percent to 44 percent) believe it’s better for the country if the Democrats work with President Trump instead of opposing him across the board. Immediately after the November elections, by contrast, Democrats wanted to stand up and fight rather than work with President Trump by a 2-to-1 margin, 64 percent to 32 percent.

“After so many years of Republican leaders getting bullied by the media, it’s enough to give hope to even a bitter conservative political veteran like me,” wrote APP’s president Frank Cannon.

Three months of across-the-board hysterical behavior from liberal Democrats and their media allies is turning off even the Democrats’ likely voters.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

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4 comments on “New Poll: Americans Agree Trump Is Beating Media, Democrats”

  • Kenneth Malding says:

    How about the media and democrats start working with the president, at least try to get a concensus,,compromise at least talk with each other, as long as it stays one sided nothing gets done, my oplinion only, this all started with Obamacare, the democrats forced it down America throat, no question and answer period, even the democrats refused to read it before passing, and now they don’t want to own it, because they know they screwed up?

  • Rafael says:

    America to me is the greatest country in the world. We fight and complain about one another like all brothers and sisters do. Every country has their idiots and fools just like every family does too. We have a great system in the United States where most of its citizens are. We have to stop identity politics and see us for who we really are…Americans. How can people be against law and order how can people be against secure borders how can people be against more jobs wasteful spending better education better strong military defense. The energy spent on hate for one person or political party is better spent on a joint effort to improve our policies that will make America greater. Give our new president a chance to improve our country as we have given past presidents that same opportunity. If he fails we all fail. He seems like a person who cares for America. If he doesn’t deliver is because the forces of stubborn opposition derailed him like they do to every president. So let’s cheer for the underdog and help him bring a better future for the next generation. If he turns out to be weak than I guess we keep trying to find the right person until we get it right.

  • Thomas W says:

    This is your country! He is your president! I voted for Obama the first time. I saw through him. The second time I didn’t. I didn’t, however,become a spoiled little brat. I handled it like an adult. Are you democrats going to be adults, or snowflakes??

  • Alice says:

    The president should be working with the media and working to get the Democratic and Republicans to be working together for the American people not divided them

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