Pro-Life Group Announces National Tour to “Sock It to” Planned Parenthood

September 21, 2017

by Erik Halvorson

Over the past six months, students from campuses around the country have been campaigning and collecting donations for Students for Life’s “Sock it to Planned Parenthood” initiative. The goal of this project was to collect 323,999 baby socks — one for every life lost at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortions last year — and deliver them to Capitol Hill in order to convince Congress to defund the abortion giant. Unfortunately, Congressional leaders have not followed through thus far on their promise to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, but pro-life advocates are not giving up yet.

After delivering the baby socks in April and receiving inaction in return, Students for Life (SFL) has decided to press forward with a new campaign. SFL President Kristen Hawkins explained in an interview last week that the pro-life organization is done waiting on Congress:

Today we are launching our national Sock it to PP tour… We’re going to start today in Washington and we’re going to be heading out to states across the country. States where there’s very important senators who have constituents, who have voters who voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

This new tour involves pro-life advocates solemnly displaying the hundreds of thousands of socks collected and informing the public of the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood every day. The intention of this tour is to further illuminate the culture of death prevalent in the United States today as well as to place political pressure on supposedly “pro-life” representatives to follow through on their campaign promises.

These committed advocates provide an inspiration for pro-lifers across the country. Even without the support of politicians or major media, Students for Life have nevertheless shown admirable persistence in pursuit of a critically important cause. In a time when supporting the unborn is denigrated as being “anti-woman” or “anti-choice” by so many of America’s elite, continuing the fight against abortion can oftentimes be discouraging. However, this latest, national campaign should provide a much needed morale boost to the pro-life movement.

Although today’s college campuses may seem overrun by a radically leftist ideology and possibly unrecoverable, groups like Students for Life are showing us that this is not the case. Pro-lifers must follow their lead and not be discouraged. The philosophical and biological truths are on the side of life — all that is left to do now is to prove them.

Photo credit: American Life League via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Erik Halvorson is a regular contributor to and a student at Hillsdale College.

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One comment on “Pro-Life Group Announces National Tour to “Sock It to” Planned Parenthood”

  • Janet Wise says:

    Erik, your comments are laudable. Since my 18th birthday, I have considered myself a conservative Republican. And very pro-life. Then my oldest daughter suffered a tubal pregnancy. I found out then she had two abortions, after her significant other coerced her into having more children, so she would stay with him. She never wanted to marry this man. He died in a car accident, which she felt guilty about , but has since married and has another child. My point is, I’m sorry for what my daughter did, but shame-and-blame is not the answer. Nor do I think abandoning PP is viable. It may be the safest place a woman/girl has to go when faced with an illegitimate pregnancy. This is a moral problem which requires an ethical solution. God forbid there is ever an “evidence-based” solution! As Dr. Effrem rightfully stated in her article, these are unique and personal situations that require compassion, not compliance.

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