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We at The National Pulse don’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. In fact we don’t suffer any sort of derangement.

We’re those good guys with an “agenda” that’s quite simple: we love Western civilization and we’d quite like it to survive. 

You’re in the right place if you believe in the family unit, patriotic values, and in pursuit of justice for all – not just for whomever is burning statues this week.

And unlike the big media giants who lie to you for a living we don’t have deep pockets or big corporate backers.

We do have a lot of heart, and a lot of faith.

The National Pulse provides a place to talk up the Western world. It’s for people who care about social-media bias, curtailing the madness of transgenderism, ending mass abortion, keeping taxes low, and keeping America (and the West) great.

And importantly, it’s about being willing to stand up to the West’s enemies. 

Like the Chinese Communist Party. Or radical Islam. Or cultural Marxism.

We say “No!” to the neoliberalism that our elite class mapped out for the West since the end of the Cold War. It cannot lead us into the future.

It’s Time To Say: “Enough”.

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The National Pulse is always crunching the numbers, digging up the dirt, and holding leaders accountable.

When I see one of their headlines, I know they always have the goods.
Jack Posobiec
One America News
The National Pulse is on fire!
Steve Bannon
Former White House Chief Strategist and Trump 2016 Campaign CEO
The National Pulse is fighting a battle few have the courage to wage. They are holding the most powerful members of the American media establishment accountable for their anti-conservative bias. This is the kind of investigative reporting our country sorely needs. I urge you to support the great work of Mr. Kassam and his team.
Rep. Darrell Issa

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