Falling ACT Scores Are Latest Evidence of Common Core’s Failure

ACT, the publisher of one of the two most often used college entrance exams in the nation, recently released a major report, “The Condition of College and Career Readiness – National 2018,” that is another stunning indictment of the Common Core standards. Proponents of Common Core — the ones that forced acceptance of the standards in nearly all fifty states via federal economic coercion and bribes — claimed that college and career readiness would be the key metric improved by Common Core, and yet the ACT scores show readiness declining. Perhaps most noteworthy is the fact that “readiness levels in

New Study: Common Core Does Not Prepare Students Well for College

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has consistently voiced his opposition to the Common Core, calling it a disaster from the very first speech of his candidacy. In an interview earlier this week, his message was the same: “I like the concept of local education. I want to get rid of Common Core. I think Common Core is a disaster.” Trump has been widely maligned by the press for his observation that the standards are “obviously not working,” but a recent study from the ACT confirms that Common Core standards simply don’t prepare students for higher education. According to the National

The Giant Common Core Cover-Up

From Breitbart: Within the last two weeks both houses of Congress passed legislation that will effectively cement the Common Core national standards, or something very similar, in state school systems (politicians’ claims to the contrary are unfortunately mistaken). In light of clear evidence that Common Core is substandard, the creators and proponents are busily rearranging the educational furniture to hide the evidence. The central problem for the proponents is that students trained (not educated) under the minimal, non-academic, workforce-development Common Core standards will not perform as well on legitimate tests as did their predecessors. Under the new direction of Common Core