A Teenage Girl Was Beaten for Not Wearing a Mask Just Days After Politicians and the Media Riled Up Pro-Mandate Demonstrators.

Six adults argued with, then viciously attacked a 17-year-old girl in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, Germany, for her refusal to wear a mask on a tram carriage this weekend, according to local reports. The six adults are reported to have beaten the teenager so badly that she required hospitalization. The attack – which came just days after the country’s President demanded “louder” and “more visible” pro-mandate activities – was also reported to have included racial slurs. Both men and women involved in the attack are said to have informed the girl about the mask requirement prior to thrashing

The U.S. Capitol Was Attacked by a Nation of Islam Follower and “GOP Leader” Kevin McCarthy Hasn’t Said a Word About It. It’s Time for Him to Resign.

Kevin McCarthy styles himself as the “GOP Leader,” but never shows any leadership. On the back of an attack on the U.S. Capitol by a Nation of Islam follower, McCarthy chose to send prayers instead of taking the fight to the radical left who encouraged this attack. If it was a right-wing attacker, he’d have been condemning it by now. It’s time for McCarthy – a coward – to resign. McCarthy is routinely comfortable attacking his own side. Whether it’s unproven or unsubstantiated attacked on Marjorie Taylor-Greene or Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy is there for it. But when it’s an