CORPORATE MIGRATION: MSNBC Founder Demands Libs to Move to Red States.

The founder of MSNBC appeared on Morning Joe to propose a new, “radical” plan to turn red states blue by the relocation of left-leaning employees to conservative swing states by major corporations. Tom Rogers, who is both MSNBC founder and currently a Newsweek editor-at-large, recently wrote in a column: “Essentially, I am proposing creating a corporate initiative to turn demography into political destiny for key swing states. If corporate America decided that it would support a new Corporate Great Migration to swing states of women, young and diverse employees – those most likely to vote against Big Lie candidates. . .this

Nearly 200 CEOs Virtue Signal Pro-Abortion Views in Troubling Letter

This week, nearly 200 leaders in the corporate world signed a letter titled ‘Don’t Ban Equality.’ The website claims that the group represents more than 120,000 workers at numerous companies. While most of the signers are from small to medium sized companies in the fashion and new tech sectors, a few leaders from major companies have signed the letter. Some notable businesses represented are the finance and software firm Bloomberg LP, ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s, retail clothing giant H&M, and designer Diane von Furstenburg. While it is titled ‘Don’t Ban Equality,’ the letter doesn’t deal with equal pay