Hagerty Campaign Chief Called Trump a ‘Problem’, Prone to ‘Farcical Fits’, And Instructed GOP Candidates To Only ‘Grab Onto Anti-Washington Populism’ For Votes

Tennessee Senate hopeful Bill Hagerty’s senior campaign chief, Ward Baker, is a ‘Never Trumper,’ striving to obstruct the Republican Party from adopting a populist platform while working for a host of establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney, The National Pulse can reveal. Similar to Hagerty – an establishment Republican who favored Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican primary and now purports to be a Trump-style populist – Baker served as a Senior Advisor to the presidential campaign of notorious Never Trumper Mitt Romney. Baker’s firm Majority Strategies also received over $4,120,500 from the candidate for direct mail services over the course


Bill Hagerty Staffer Allegedly Ran Coronavirus Test Kit Scam

While serving as Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Economic and Community Development, Senate candidate Bill Hagerty employed Henry Gindt to several high-level positions and boards. Gindt is now charged with participating in a fraudulent coronavirus test scam. Hagerty affiliate Henry Gindt was charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in May for purporting to work for a lab with certified coronavirus test kits. According to the complaint – which could see Gindt receive 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine – he allegedly stole 50 test kits from the lab after being

‘The Great One’ Mark Levin Endorses Manny Sethi for Senate, Blasts Bill Hagerty As ‘Romney Jr.’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin endorsed Tennessee Senate hopeful Manny Sethi against his establishment Republican opponent Bill Hagerty, who Levin equated to “Mitt Romney Junior.” Levin, who is also on Fox, told Sethi, “I am going to endorse you for the US Senate in the Republican Primary.” “If I lived there, I’d be voting for you. That’s the bottom line,” he emphasized. Sethi articulated why Hagerty is merely an establishment RINO masquerading as a Trump-style populist with a long history of supporting and working with Never Trumpers. As the citizen candidate notes, “a vote for Bill Hagerty is a vote for

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Senate Hopeful Bill Hagerty On Board of Billion Dollar Firm Pumping Out Black Lives Matter Messages

Establishment Republican Senate candidate Bill Hagerty’s multi-billion dollar investment firm is currently peddling pro-Black Lives Matter messages on its social media feeds. “R.J. O’Brien stands proudly with the African American Community in support of EQUALITY & PEACE,” the message read, followed by the #BLACKLIVESMATTER hashtag. The firm then boasted of donating to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) legal fund. The message from Hagerty’s firm came on the fifth day of rioting and looting across American cities, May 31st. Just one day after a molotov cocktail attack on police in New York, and moments after President Trump had

Tennessee Became China’s Most Dependent U.S. State Following Bill Hagerty’s Tenure As Economy Chief

Senate hopeful Bill Hagerty’s stint as Tennessee’s Department of Economic & Community Development Commissioner ended with the Volunteer State becoming the “most dependent state in America for trade with China”. In addition to policies Hagerty advocated for at the expense of American workers, his first-choice candidate in the 2016 Republican primary was Jeb Bush. The choice wasn’t off-brand for Hagerty, given his previous work with establishment presidents and hopefuls including George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and John McCain. And even after Jeb’s candidacy flamed out, he shifted to supporting pro-amnesty Marco Rubio, only eventually backing Donald Trump when he secured