REVEALED: China’s Plan to Censor The Whole Internet.

The genius of the internet has always been its openness: anyone with a smartphone or a laptop can take part in a worldwide conversation. For authoritarian regimes, however, that very openness is instead a problem to be solved. China’s plan could lock down the internet forever. At the heart of the internet is a communications protocol called TCP/IP. The creators of TCP/IP in the 1970s could never have imagined that it would someday form the backbone for nearly all commerce and social discourse by the year 2020. That backbone is beginning to show its age as millions of new smartphones


EXCLUSIVE – Laura Loomer: Quit Your Big Tech Addiction Before It ‘Quits’ You.

You’re a social media addict and so was I. Big Tech has us hooked in, and while some conservatives are willing to be vocal about it, very few are willing to change their behaviors. That’s addiction. There’s a great debate about this between Vox’s Ezra Klein and author Nir Eyal. Klein – in response to Eyal’s denial that people hooked on Big Tech can be classed as “addicts” – offers what I think is a killer blow: “I actually think that if we don’t talk about addiction, we are letting these companies off the hook. That’s what I think is dangerous.” Of

SCHWEPPE: A Small-Government Solution To America’s Big Tech Problem

Big Tech has a serious censorship problem. President Trump announced last July that the White House had received more than 16,000 credible reports from users alleging they had been wrongfully censored or barred from access to digital platforms. Every major platform, from Twitter to TikTok, has been involved in multiple high-profile controversies that call their moderation practices into question. Even the trustworthiness of Google Search is now in doubt after investigative reporting by the Wall Street Journal found incidents of blacklisting, algorithm tweaks, and manual meddling with certain “incendiary” search results. Despite enormous evidence of partisan tomfoolery, the Big Tech companies want you to suspend your

Left Media Panics, Declares Trump-District Candidate Laura Loomer ‘Could Actually Get to Congress’

The Big Tech censorship of Republican Congressional primary candidate Laura Loomer appears to have failed in tipping the scales against her Florida campaign, with new polling and financial numbers showing Loomer with a significant lead. As a result, a media storm has again begun, in order to discredit the Trump-favored candidate. CNN contributor and far-left radio host Dean Obeidallah lamented Loomer’s recent victories in an opinion article published by the Daily Beast this weekend in which he complained: “Loomer is someone who, in the times before Trump, would’ve been marginalized to the fringes of society along with other bigots and