$1.5 Million In Counterfeit, China-Made Vaping Pens Seized By CBP.

$1.55 million worth of counterfeit vaping pens were seized in Chicago by Customs and Border Protection officers. Chicago O’Hare’s International Mail Branch uncovered over 77,000 vape pens with Rick and Morty insignia originating from Shenzhen, China. The shipment of 258 boxes was heading to a distribution company in Georgia. “Often CBP seizes vape pens because they violate FDA guidelines, but these parcels violate copyright laws which adds to the charges and complexity of the case,” said Shane Campbell, Area Port Director-Chicago. “Counterfeit products are unsafe for consumers, harm the economy, damage the revenue and image of the companies, and could

Chicago Mulls Removal of Statues of Lincoln, Washington, Grant, and McKinley

Chicago is reviewing the fate of 41 statues, plaques, and works of art, including four honoring former U.S. presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and William McKinley. The news follows the launch of the Chicago Monuments Project’s advisory committee, tasked with conducting “a comprehensive review of more than 500 Chicago statues and monuments, with an eye toward identifying those that were offensive, problematic or not representative of city’s values of equity and justice.” “Reasons for making the list include promoting narratives of white supremacy; presenting an inaccurate or demeaning portrayal of Native Americans; celebrating people with connections to