EXC: Ex-Cardinal Negotiating Vatican-China Deals Attended Hunter Biden-Led Communist Party Influence Events, Deleted Webpages Reveal.

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – who played a critical role in shaping the Vatican’s controversial relationship with the Chinese Communist Party – has repeatedly headlined events sponsored by CEFC China Energy, a Chinese government-led influence group that has counted Hunter Biden as its Managing Director, The National Pulse can reveal. The former Cardinal, who was defrocked due to sexual abuse, spoke at several events hosted by the group, with excerpts of his remarks earning publication in CEFC China Energy’s journal, “China Eye.” McCarrick has asserted commonalities exist between Communist and Catholic doctrine along with drawing positive parallels between Xi Jinping

Chinese Communist Party Orders Church To Display Mao’s Little Red Book Instead Of Bible.

A church in China displayed books authored by Chinese Communist Party leaders Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong in place of works such as the Bible, according to reports. The bookstore of Sha Mian Tang Church in the city of Guangzhou displayed several copies of Mao’s “Little Red Book” and Xi’s “Governance of China.” The ” bookstore, however, did not display any collections of gospel books,” a ChinaAid report notes. Yu Jie, a Chinese American author, posted a picture of the storefront with the text: “The gospel bookstore of Guangzhou Christian Church—Shamian Church, displayed a large number of Xi Jinping’s books. Seeing

Chinese Communist Party Shuts Down, Confiscates All Property From Church.

The Chinese Communist Party shut down and seized property belonging to a church in China’s Chongqing municipality. The confiscation of all of Mt. Olive Church’s property, even including chairs and books, was carried out by over 30 Chinese Communist Party officials from the local police, state security, and local district administration. “The Texas-based non-governmental organization China Aid reported the same group of officials, led by the Yuzhong District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, raided the church during its worship service last Sunday. The authorities sent the members home and sealed the church without showing any papers to prove official authorization,”

While Another Cathedral Burns Overseas, U.S. Media TOTALLY Ignores Attacks on Churches Across America

Despite a barrage of vandalism and other attacks on churches across the U.S. and a fire ripping through nearly 600-year-old cathedral in France, left-wing establishment media outlets have ignored the clear display of anti-Christian violence. Over the weekend of July 12th, at least six churches were desecrated in the U.S., and at the time of writing, not one mainstream media outlet has dedicated a shred of airtime to the attacks. Roughly a week later, the historic Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul of Nantes, erected in 1434, caught fire. The flames, believed by authorities to be set intentionally, perhaps by