Declassified Emails Reveal Comey Couldn’t ‘Sufficiently Corroborate’ Memo Alleging Trump-Russia Collusion

Declassified emails between former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reveal Comey couldn’t “sufficiently corroborate the reporting” of the dossier alleging links between the Trump campaign and Russia.  “We are not able to sufficiently corroborate the reporting,” Comey wrote in a January 12th, 2017 email to Clapper, released to the public via an open records lawsuit by the Southeastern Legal Foundation. The email was written on the same day that “Comey signed a FISA surveillance warrant application declaring content from Christopher Steele’s dossier had been “verified,” Just the News notes. READ:

Beware the Russian Disinformation Trope.

Last week, the DOJ declassified three footnotes in the Inspector General’s FISA report. They showed the FBI knew Christopher Steele had associations with shady Russian oligarchs and that somebody — whose identity is redacted — suggested in 2017 that parts of the dossier may have included Russian disinformation. Some responded as if the footnotes revealed Vladimir Putin and not an FBI-CIA-Clinton conspiracy was responsible for the ridiculous machinations of Russiagate. National Review editor Rich Lowry was especially over-the-top, even managing by passive-aggressive link to turn the disclosures into a criticism of President Trump: In other words, the Kremlin may have