“Day Without a Woman” Strike Causes School Closures, Backlash

At least three school districts decided to close their schools today in solidarity with the “Day Without a Woman” general strike going on around the country in honor of International Women’s Day. The protest is one of many organized by feminists following President Trump assuming office. The Alexandria City (Va.), Prince George’s (Md.), and Chapel-Hill Carrboro (N.C.) school districts all came to the decision that it was better to just close their schools Wednesday rather than hold hundreds of employees who requested the day off accountable for their actions. Prince George’s County made the decision late Tuesday night. According to

Maybe We Need a “Day Without a Christian”

Perhaps you’ve heard about today’s “Day Without a Woman” protest. Pro-abortion feminists across the country are staying home from work, refusing to buy products or services, and otherwise withdrawing from society in an effort to demonstrate against President Trump. The protest has largely been a flop. Most people in “Real America” aren’t even aware it’s taking place, and outside of earning an outsized amount of media attention from a number of #FakeNews outlets, the protest is likely to be relegated to the lost-and-found box of history. But we should give credit where it is due — what a clever idea! Given