Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill Banning Zuckerberg-Style Election Interference.

The Wisconsin State Senate has passed a bill prohibiting the outside, private financing of elections – a move that follows the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s large-scale 2020 election interference. As originally reported by The National Pulse ahead of the 2020 election, Zuckerberg ploughed cash into heavily Democrat districts in order to privately march more left-wing voters to the ballot box. Prior to last year’s election, Senator Josh Hawley highlighted that employees from the six largest tech firms of Silicon Valley, including Facebook, donated almost $5 million to the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. Only $239,000 had been donated by the tech firms’

CORPORATE MIGRATION: MSNBC Founder Demands Libs to Move to Red States.

The founder of MSNBC appeared on Morning Joe to propose a new, “radical” plan to turn red states blue by the relocation of left-leaning employees to conservative swing states by major corporations. Tom Rogers, who is both MSNBC founder and currently a Newsweek editor-at-large, recently wrote in a column: “Essentially, I am proposing creating a corporate initiative to turn demography into political destiny for key swing states. If corporate America decided that it would support a new Corporate Great Migration to swing states of women, young and diverse employees – those most likely to vote against Big Lie candidates. . .this

Media Hypes ‘Russian Interference’ Again, Cites No-Traffic Blog Site as ‘Evidence’ 🤣

The Russian election interference hoax has been revived by establishment media outlets such as Reuters, which claims a news site “associated” with a Russian content farm has been peddling disinformation and divisive content to influence the upcoming presidential election in favor of President Trump. The only problem with the accusation, now echoed by other left-wing media outlets? The site in question, Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens (NAEBC), attracts so few page views that web analytics firms like SimilarWeb refuse to rank them. The site also gets zero comments on all of its articles. And for additional categories such


TikTok Partners With Far-Left, Foreign-Based ‘Fact Checker’ in Risible ‘Transparency’ Bid

TikTok – the controversial app set to be banned by the Trump administration for its Chinese links – has partnered with Facebook’s proven far-left, foreign-run fact-checker “Lead Stories” in a bid to moderate content related to the 2020 election. Lead Stories is neither independent nor U.S.-based, as revealed by the National Pulse in June. TikTok’s enlistment of the service only serves to bolsters the validity of those suspect of the app’s foreign ties. Specifically, the fact-checking platform outlined that among the “two founders who actually make the editorial decisions” is Maarten Schenk, a Belgian National. Schenk, whose news aggregation service known as “Trendolizer”